An inclusive/exclusive group for girls 11-17 years old!

Adventurers is an action-oriented group of older Girl Scouts who are seeking exciting, stimulating activities to challenge their capabilities, broaden their horizons, and increase their self-confidence. It is for girls age 11-17 and in grades 6-12. Members often participate in rock climbing, caving, kayaking, backpacking, travel, hiking and other similar high-adventure activities. Adventurers may be active in regular Girl Scout troops, but individually registered girls can also participate in this Program Pathway. As a group, the girls brainstorm, research and vote on several high adventure trips each year. Trips and activities take place on weekends, school breaks and summer months, and may include an overnight camp-out. As Adventurers’ events are planned, they will be posted here for information and registration. Teen girls that belong to troops or are individually-registered both can join The Skyline Adventurers Group #1912. Girls can fundraise for themselves via the cookie sale and fall product sale by joining the Adventurers (even if your troop is not participating in the product sales).

Adult coordinators are needed! 
Adult volunteers serve as the mentors to these girls as well as coordinate Adventurers’ events. Training is provided and may include team building, get-acquainted activities, event training, group trip training, water program activities and fun stuff like geocaching! Leave-No-Trace and hiker training are also offered as needed for the activities that the girls plan.

Become a Skyline Adventurer, contact:

Upcoming Adventuresome Activities