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Recognition & Awards

Everyone likes to feel appreciated for her or his volunteer service. Whether in the form of a simple thank-you for a small job well done or a formal commendation for years of faithful service in a key position of an organization, such acknowledgment is a signal to the recipient that she or he is noticed and appreciated—that she or he is recognized.

An attitude of appreciation can be created by:


Being aware of the extra effort put forth by an individual.


Taking the time to mention a person's service for a job well done.


Helping people to attain a higher level of achievement.


Developing a climate wherein work is sincerely noticed at all levels.

When and how the recipient is recognized will make the expression of gratitude memorable. Recognitions might be made on:

  • Special Girl Scout holidays
  • At Girl Scout service unit meetings
  • At a special recognition event
  • Immediately following service rendered
  • At a community recognition event