Triumph Award

Highest Awards Patch Program

As you earn your Bronze, Silver, and Gold Awards, you’ll also earn a corresponding patch (GSVSC’s gift to you) to commemorate your hard work. In time and commitment, these patches will come together to create a finished patch just as your awards projects will come together to create a courageous and confident young woman who serves her surrounding communities.

Earn all three Girl Scouts’ Highest Awards (Bronze, Silver and Gold) and receive your GSVSC Triumph Award (application can be found here), an award that recognizes the motivation, dedication, and purpose it takes to serve your community to the fullest extent at Girl Scouts. NOTE: these patches are worn on the back of your vest/sash. The Bronze Award patch may be placed on the Junior vest/sash and then transferred to the Cadette-Ambassador vest/sash to create the overall patch conformity. 

Interested in participating in the Highest Awards Patch Program? Contact for more information.