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Welcome Troop Cookie Team!
Thanks to our Girl Scout troops the cookie sale runs smoothly for girls and their parents. You play a big supporting role in the largest girl-led business in the world! Thanks for all your hard work & dedication.

The Essentials: Plan Books, Forms, Videos & Websites
Cookie Contests 2023

Girl Scout Cookie Season 2023

Four contest promotions can be entered by troops or Juliettes/individually registered Girl Scouts; two contests are just for girl members. NOTE: these contests are for Girl Scouts in Virginia Skyline Council ONLY. Please check with your local council for their cool cookie contests this cookie season. 

ALL SUBMISSIONS: submit your entries via our online contest forms found below; only one entry allowed per contest for each troop/Juliette; deadline to enter is March 31, 2023. The Cookie Team will send out fun patches and charms with all other council contest incentives and awards in mid-June. 


Hold your cookie booth outside on a cold day anytime during the cookie season. Record the coldest temp that day and then snap a booth photo that includes your troop’s goal poster.

AWARD: each girl receives a “Froze My Cookies Off” fun patch; troop/Juliette is entered into a drawing for $50 council gift certificate (five entries will win).


Sell cookies around your neighborhood with your wagon or cart OR visit a local business in-person to promote your cookie sale.

AWARD: each girl receives a “shoe” charm; troop/Juliette is entered into a drawing for $50 council gift certificate (three entries will win).


Decorate your cookie booth and include a flyer/poster/sign on one of the five essential skills of the cookie program: goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics. For example, you could include your cookie goal poster or a sign regarding how your troop/Juliette will use cookie funds or a flyer listing the five skills Girl Scouts learn (somehow demonstrated one or all of the five skills). Snap a photo of the cookie booth that includes the skill(s) along with all girls who participated; upload multiple pictures if there are multiple shifts at your cookie booth.

AWARD: each girl receives a “booth” charm; troop/Juliette is entered into a drawing for $50 council gift certificate (five entries will win). Charms will be mailed in mid-June along with other prizes.



THIS IS FOR FIRST TIMERS! Is this your first Girl Scout Cookie Program? Snap a photo of you selling cookies and share it with us.

AWARD: each girl receives a “cookie oyster” charm; GIRL is entered into a drawing for $50 council gift certificate (five girls will win).



Did you use a smart phone, iPad or laptop to promote your Girl Scout Cookie program? If yes, submit a photo to show us how.

AWARD: each girl receives a “phone” charm; GIRL is entered into a drawing for $50 council gift certificate (five girls will win). 


Receive cookie donations in-person, “Cookies for a Cause,” and then deliver them to your local military, nurses, first responders, or teachers within the community.

AWARD: each participant (girls AND adults) receives a “Cookies for a Cause” fun patch; troop/Juliette is entered into a drawing for $50 counciGl gift certificate (five entries will win).

Everything You Need for Cookie-Selling Success!

Cookie Program Marketing Items
Please contact The Skyline Shop for our latest selection of cookie program marketing items. 

Cookie Sale PR Resources
Name tags, goal charts, posters, business cards, banners, signs and more. Click here to find great tools to help you get the word out on your cookie experience.

Cookie Clipart & Photos
Get your cookie clipart, logos, photographs and other PR items here

Join & Volunteer Postcards
Help spread the word about Girl Scouting
 in your local community while selling cookies! Print out these "Join the Cookie Fun" postcards and "Where the Cookie Money Goes/The Girl Scout Difference" half-sheets to pass-out your booth sales. Or ask your local council staff member for these postcards at your next service unit meeting.

PR Cookies
The council reserves some free cookies to use in our PR efforts — thank-you's to delivery station hosts, local media pitches, big community collaborators, etc. We have available all cookies included in the current program along with free PR bags and cookie program flyers. If you have a specific PR cookies request, please contact us.

National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend: Mar. 3-5

On this weekend, Girl Scouts across the nation will band together to speak as a single, powerful voice to raise awareness of the Girl Scout Cookie Program and to drive cookie sales. Make sure you have a cookie booth somewhere in a well-traveled or well-visited location on this weekend. There's also a National GS Cookie Weekend Patch too! Available through The Skyline Shop (in store & online).

Cookies for a Cause Program

Share the gift of Girl Scout Cookies with your local heroes!
"Cookies for a Cause" is a Girl Scouts of Virginia Skyline council-wide service project that allows girls the opportunity to sell virtual cookie packages that go to local first responders and military personnel. The council delivers the products to the organizations directly from the bakery or from one of our warehouses. This gives customers an alternative to not buying for themselves or purchasing an extra box to share with their hometown heroes.

Click here to download and print a flyer to share at you cookie booth sale.

Earn the Gift of Caring Patch: 15+ Cookie  Package Donations
Support our local first responders and military personnel while building a girl’s courage, confidence, and character! Each $5 donation will be used to donate a cookie program item to our local heroes. Troops earn proceeds and orders apply to girl’s recognitions.

Girls selling 15 or more donated items will earn the Gift of Caring patch. All Gift of Caring items purchased through GSVSC will be donated to a local first responder or military personnel entity within council boundaries.

History of Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies are an icon of American culture. For over 100 years, Girl Scouts, with the enthusiastic support of their families, have helped ensure the success of the annual sale. From its earliest beginnings to its current popularity, selling Girl Scout Cookies has helped girls have fun, develop valuable life skills, and make their communities a better place. Click here to learn more about the Girl Scout Cookie history!