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Trefoil Academy of Magery and Sorcery: The Summer Session

Sun Jul 09, 9:00 AM - Sat Jul 15, 12:00 PM
Summer Camps
Ambassador, Brownie, Cadette, Junior, Senior


Welcome to Trefoil Academy!

Join us for our 15th year anniversary as we celebrate the magic, mystery, and mayhem of this one-of-a-kind experience.

Due to the degree of the immersive experience, it is strongly recommended that you enjoy fantasy, solving mysteries, using your imagination to make-believe, and going on dungeon crawls. This camp is a live-action role playing (LARP) experience. With LARPing, participants physically act and pretend to be their characters as they seek to achieve a series of goals within a fictional setting represented by the real world while make-believing with each other. Previous attendees have likened this to a real-life video game and/or immersive movie.

During the Summer Session term, your actions and decisions throughout the day will directly influence your journey during the week as well as the story to come for years down the road. Think of it as the ultimate choose-your-own-adventure. The interactive world is brimming with adventures to be had, villains/monsters to be battled, and mysteries to be solved.

This camp is a plausible recreation in an alternative universe rather than a straight reenactment from the books/movies. A defining characteristic from the books/movies is the epic adventure that the trio goes on. The adventure is full of mysteries, plot twists, epic battles, and an ultimate showdown between good versus evil. That is what you can expect from this camp in a magical universe. The reason it is not a re-enactment is that it is hard to have a true adventure when one already knows the outcome. We figure it was better to honor by being inspired rather than straight copying.

This year’s adventure:
Our story finds the academy in some truly dire straits. We are being framed for a crime that they did not commit. (No really. We are innocent. Trust us.) The International Confederacy of Magery (ICM) is normally an honorable and respectable organization. However, they are now threatening to rip up our academy’s charter and disband us permanently if we do not return the accuser’s stolen property, the Heru Cipher, by a certain deadline. To make matters even worse, our accuser is our long-time nefarious nemesis, the Westgaard Bloodline. They have wanted to see the academy destroyed for quite some time.

Did a member of the faculty go rogue? What really happened to the missing cipher? What is really going on with the ICM? Furthermore, it has historically never been a good idea to give the Westgaards something they were after . . . but our charter is on the line. How are we going to figure our way out of this one? The academy’s future lies in your hands. Are you up to the task?

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Dates: Sunday, July 9 to Saturday, July 15; overnight, residential camp
Times: drop-off starts at 9:00 on Sunday; pickup at 12 noon on Saturday 
Place: Camp Goodwill, Dumfries, VA
Theme: Fantasy Choose-Your-Own-Adventure
Ages: 8 – 17
Price: $349 (includes a homemade wand, patch, and other goodies)
Registration Closes: May 31 (or when full)

Trefoil Academy is happy to announce that it will be operating as a weeklong residential camp! Campers will stay on site for the duration of the program. Due to the length of time, it is strongly recommended that individuals have prior experience spending the night away from one's home/relative's home for this particular camp. If this will be your camper's first time away from home, please talk to the director first before enrolling.

Note: campers must be registered as a Girl Scout member in order to participate in Girl Scout camp.

Questions: Camp Director Andrea "Ash" Nash,