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23 Girl Scout week Calendar

Girl Scout Holidays

In our 100+ year history, Girl Scouts have developed traditions, ceremonies, and special days to celebrate Girl Scouting.

Girl Scout Week & Girl Scouts' Birthday: March 12

On March 12, 1912, the first Girl Scout Troop meeting in the United States was held in Savannah, Georgia. Girl Scouts celebrate this anniversary of the first troop meeting for an entire week. The week in which March 12 falls is recognized as Girl Scout Week. The beginning of the week starts Girl Scout Sunday and the last day ends with the Girl Scout Sabbath.

Girl Scout Birthday: March 12
The Girl Scout Birthday on March 12 commemorates the day in 1912 when Juliette Gordon Low officially registered the organization’s first 18 girl members in Savannah, Georgia. This year, 2023, represents our 111th birthday!

Girl Scout Week: March 12-18, 2023
Girl Scout Sunday (Christian): March 12, 2023
Girl Scout Jummah (Muslim): March 17, 2023
Girl Scout Sabbath/Shabbat (Jewish): March 17-18, 2023
Girl Scout Sunday, Sabbath/Shabbat, and Jummah give girls an opportunity to attend their place of worship and be recognized as Girl Scouts. If a place of worship is the group sponsor, girls may perform a service, such as greeting, ushering, or doing a flag ceremony. These days can also be a time when girls explore other faiths.

BULLETIN INSERT: Girl Scout Sunday/Sabbath Place of Worship 
Virginia Skyline Council troops may request for FREE a bulletin insert that is generic or personalized for their troop. PRINT YOURSELF or REQUEST HERE

Have fun with us on Facebook:

  • Sunday, March 12: Girl Scouts 111th Birthday & Girl Scout Sunday
  • Monday, March 13: Share a fave Girl Scout song
  • Tuesday, March 14: Green Out Day (wear green and your pearls)
  • Wednesday, March 15: Share a fave Girl Scout memory
  • Thursday, March 16: Throwback Thursday  (share a Girl Scout photo from one year ago to 111 years ago)
  • Friday, March 17: Girl Scout Jummah and Girl Scout Sabbath/Shabbat (begins at sundown)
  • Saturday, March 18:  Girl Scout Sabbath/Shabbat

Earn your My Promise, My Faith pin.

Girl Scout Religious Recognitions Info Sheet
Order of Service Idea
Pre- and Post-Service Ideas
PowerPoint Slides Inserts
Sample Prayers


Girl Scout Leader's Day: April 22

It’s time to celebrate our volunteers! Girl Scout Leader’s Day is the time to thank your troop leader for all the work she has done and for all the help she has given you.

National Volunteer Month: April
National Volunteer Week: April 17-23
Girl Scout Leader’s Day: April 22

Show Your Troop Leader Some Love!
Tell your troop leader how much you appreciate them.

Here are some ways to show your troop leader how much you appreciate them. Choose the one that best suits you and your Girl Scout sisters. It’s always the right time to say thanks.

Idea 1: Throw a Surprise Party (Celebrate)
Surprise your troop volunteers with party hats and noisemakers at your next virtual or in-person meeting. Take turns sharing what you appreciate most about them!

Idea 2: Fly in to Say Thanks! (Video)
Ask each of your troop sisters to make a two- to three-second video that shows her:

  • Catch a paper airplane that flies in from the right side of the screen
  • Smile at the camera
  • Toss the airplane offscreen to the left

String the videos together so it looks like each person is tossing the airplane to the next girl. Make a final short clip of one girl opening the airplane to reveal a thank-you message to your troop leader(s). Share the video during your troop meeting as a surprise!

Idea 3: Because of You (Cards)
Print out, decorate, and personalize one of our super cute thank-you cards!

Daisies | Brownies | Juniors (PDF)
Cadettes | Seniors | Ambassadors (PDF)

Idea 4: Say It with Sweets (Gift)
Create a special treat for your troop leader(s)! Think about:

  • A cake baked in an orange (seriously!)
  • A s’mores care package with marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate
  • A movie night kit with popcorn, a drink, and candy
  • Fruit with a homemade caramel or yogurt dipping sauce

Idea 5: Because of You Photo Collage (Gift)
Collect photos from your troop sisters of your favorite Girl Scout moments. Arrange them in a slideshow or on a poster with the headline “Because of You…” Then share them at your next virtual or in-person meeting!

Idea 6: Say It with Service (Activity)
Troop leaders are busy people. What could you do to help make their lives easier? Wash their car? Rake their leaves? Prepare their garden for planting? Work with your troop sisters to offer assistance to your troop volunteers to say thank you.

Idea 7: Award Time (Official Recognition)
Recognize your leader(s) for the great work she/he does for your Girl Scout troop! The Skyline Star Leader Award recognizes a troop leader for completion of requirements for membership and leadership. The recipient will be listed in the council’s permanent files and will receive a lapel pin and attractive certificate signed by our council president as well as the CEO of Virginia Skyline. The  Skyline Star Leader Award  can be given at any time; there is no deadline for nominations. Urge your parents/caregivers/troop mates to complete an application with the necessary information today!

Founder's Day/Juliette Low's Birthday: October 31

On Founder's Day, Girl Scouts across the country honor the birthday of our founder, Juliette Low. This day marks the birth of Girl Scouts of the USA’s founder Juliette Low in Savannah, Georgia, in 1860. Do as Juliette did and stand on your head to celebrate her birthday!

A Brief Biography of Juliette Low
The Golden Eaglet (old Girl Scout movie)
Girl Scout History Timeline
All About Juliette Low Quiz Fun
Girl Scout Founder’s Day Troop Ideas (GSVSC Pinterest Board)
Juliette Low Birthday Fun Patches (online Girl Scout store)

World Thinking Day: February 22

Thinking Day has become a day for Girl Scouts and Girl Guides all over the world to think about one another. Each year on February 22, girls participate in activities and projects with global themes to honor their sister Girl Guides and Girl Scouts in other countries. It is a special day in the Girl Scout year when we remember we are part of a worldwide movement through the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS). Celebrated since 1926, World Thinking Day is a day of international friendship, speaking out on issues that affect girls and young women, and fundraising for 10 million Girl Guides and Girl Scouts around the world. 

What Do We Do on World Thinking Day?

  • Be inspired by the history and impact of our global Movement.
  • Connect with the worldwide sisterhood of Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting.
  • Take action and speak out on issues we most care about.
  • Make a difference by fundraising for projects around the world.

World Thinking Day 2023 Theme
Our World, Our Peaceful Future
Observed by 10 million Girl Guides and Girl Scouts worldwide, World Thinking Day has a different theme each year. In 2023, the theme is “Our World, Our Peaceful Future: The environment, peace, and security.” To earn your World Thinking Day Award, you will explore environmental problems and learn how you can work with nature to create a more peaceful and secure future for girls everywhere.

Donate to the World Thinking Day Fund
A tradition since 1932, the World Thinking Day Fund collects pennies and coins from members around the world, to support their fellow Guides and Scouts. All donations help fund WAGGGS activities and are used where the need is greatest in our global Movement.

Donate to the Juliette World Friendship Fund
Support international opportunities for girls and young women by contributing to the Juliette Low World Friendship Fund.

World Thinking Day Awards & Activities
World Thinking Day 2023 Activity Pack (WAGGGS)
International Penpals (WAGGGS group on Facebook)
Global Action Badge/Award (Girl Scouts of the USA)
World Thinking Day Award (Girl Scouts of the USA)
World Thinking Day Ideas (on GSVSC Pinterest board)

Order Awards
World Thinking Day 2023 Award (GSUSA, $3.50, worn on front of vest/sash)
Global Action 2023 Award (GSUSA, $3.50, worn on front of vest/sash)
World Thinking Day 2023 Badge (WAGGGS)