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Adventuring 110 Fun Patch
Celebrating 110 years of amazing Girl Scout adventures!

Back in 1912, the very first Girl Scout troop played basketball, hiked, swam, identified plants, gardened, and camped. They learned to tell time by the stars. Getting girls involved in outdoor physical activities was one of the mail goals of the early Girl Guide/Scout Movement. Starting on March 12, 2022, we are celebrating 110 years of Girl Scouts. This fun patch will get you outdoors and having fun like your original Girl Scout sisters!

Girl Scouts (girls & adults) need to do an outdoor activity that counts for 110 of something: feet, minutes, miles, strokes, pedals, seeds, litter, etc. Be imaginative and have fun! That’s the Girl Scout Way! What “110” will you take on as a challenge to complete and celebrate 110 years of Girl Scouting!


  • Dribble, pass, kick, serve
  • Hike, walk, run
  • Swim, row, paddle
  • Climb, cave, camp
  • Horseback ride, hike with a llama
  • Ice skate, snow tube, ski
  • Biking, fishing, birding
  • Geocache, letterbox, scavenger hunt
  • Outdoors service project, take action project, give back
  • Gardening, picnicking, farmers’ market visit
  • All outdoor fun counts!

WHO: girls (Daisies-Ambassadors) & all adult members including alum!

TIME: runs from March 12, 2022, to March 11, 2023

PLACE: you pick the place

COST: $2/fun patch (size 3")

TO ORDER PATCHES: no need to pre-register—just take the challenge & buy your patches HERE or through The Skyline Shop ( or 540-777-5100). 

FLYER: here's a flyer to share with your troop, group, service unit or friends!

QUESTIONS: 540-777-5100,

This fun patch is dedicated to all the volunteers who have brought the joy of Girl Scout programming to girls over the past 110 years!

This fun patch is brought to you by The Skyline Adventurers! That fun, outdoorsy group that has been "Challenging You to Challenge Yourself" for over 36 years.