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Fall Product Program

Thank you for participating in the 2022 Girl Scout Fall Product Program. Check back soon for details for the 2023 Fall Product Program!

Is your Girl Scout troop interested in a money-earning activity that’s easy, provides start up funds right away, and offers customers a variety of delicious yet inexpensive items to purchase?

Girls earn start-up money for their troop and earn cool patches and other recognitions too! The Fall Product Program differs from the cookie program in that all orders are pre-paid, and there are no booth sales. Since the money is pre-collected, the troop receives their proceeds immediately. 

The program is for all grade-levels (Daisies-Ambassadors), but participation in the Fall Product Program is entirely voluntary. Participating in a council-sponsored product program teaches essential skills including goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics.

Important Dates

Start Date:
September 12
(Access for SU/troop fall product program manager will begin on September 12, provided all requirements are completed.)

End Date: November 28

Start Date:
September 12
End Date: October 17

Orders Due Date: Parents will enter the orders taken in M2 by October 14. (Girls may continue to take orders and turn in to their troop fall product program manager by October 17.) October 11 is when troop fall product program manager can start putting in order card information. October 17 is last day a troop can add orders into M2.

Date: September 12

Troop Fall product program manager will send out the PAEC (Parent Adult Email Campaign) invite to their parents on September 12; provided the girls are registered in the MY23 year and they have turned in the parent permission. Council will send out a PAEC (Parent Adult Email Campaign) invite reminder on September 13, and this will explain how you can activate your girl's account.

M2 Media email: is the address that the email will come from by the end of the day. If you have not received it, please, check your spam, junk or promotions folder before emailing your troop fall product program manager. If you are not able to get a hold of them, you can contact council at Once you receive your email, please set up your girl’s account.

November 9–10: Your service unit fall product program manager will provide you with a time and location for your product pick up.

The Basics

What We Sell & How Much

  • Nut and candy items are priced between $6 to $12. 
  • $6 donations for “Thank You” items for our Local Heroes Service Project.
  • Online sales of magazines and other items of nut and candy priced individually online.


  • Troops receive 17% profit for all items sold. Troops receive 22% profit if they prefer to opt out of the reward program.
  • All girls selling two magazines will receive a swimming seal patch.
  • All girls who have orders for 5 donated items will receive a Care to Share theme patch.
  • Troops who opt out of rewards: girls will only receive patches and council charm & bracelet if earned.
  • Top Achiever in council will receive photo on order card and Nintendo Switch.
  • See order card for all rewards and patches available.
Nuts & Candy
For Girls

Who Can Sell
All Girl Scouts! Daisies to Ambassadors — girls in troops to individually registered girls/Juliettes.

Juliette Girl Scouts
Juliettes (individually-registered Girl Scouts) may sell fall products and then use "cookie dough" credits to register for Girl Scout camps, programs, membership and/or to purchase items at The Skyline Shop. If you wish to sell as a Juliette, please contact for more details. 

Girl Patches & Prizes
All rewards are CUMULATIVE, giving you an opportunity to earn each item as you reach your goals. 

Fall Product Program Family Guide
Fall Product Program Activity Booklet for Girls
Ordering Website
Product Info (allergens, nutrition, ingredients)

For Parents
For Troops
For Service Units


QUESTIONS? or 540-777-5100