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With your help, a girl can do anything! Participating in Girl Scout Cookie activities is a great way to build leadership skills that will last a lifetime. Running from Jan. 1 to March 15, 2016, the Girl Scout Cookie Program is the largest girl-led business in the world, where girls develop skills in goal setting, decision making, money management, working with people, and business ethics. But she needs your help. Research shows that the more you are involved, the more success she’ll experience in the cookie sale. REMEMBER: she’s the seller, not you. Girls learn important skills by selling Girl Scout cookies… themselves. Watch this hilarious YET important video to learn what parents and adults need to know to help girls sell Girl Scout cookies, by not helping too much!



SNAP/CoCo Tech Support
SNAP supports the following browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer version 11 and above (IE 8, 9, and 10 are not supported browsers). Girl Scout volunteers and parents can contact the cookie bakery’s Help Desk for 24/7 SNAP & CoCo technical support at 1-800-853-3730 or email at abctech@interbake.com.


Cookie Share 
Cookie Share is a Girl Scouts of Virginia Skyline council-wide service project that allows girls the opportunity to sell virtual “Cookie Share” packages. Cookie Share cookies are distributed to the military and local food banks. The council delivers the products to the organizations directly from the bakery or from one of our warehouses. This gives customers an alternative to not buying for themselves or purchasing an extra box to share.


Scout Shout-Outs!
Look here for fun, trendy ways to communicate about your cookie sale! Girls, families, and volunteers will love using ABC’s Scout Shouts during their cookie sale through social media channels, email, booth sales, eCards, and just about any creative way to help boost cookie sales! To download from this Flickr site: right-click your mouse over the image and you’ll be offered a variety of sizes and resolutions. After you choose what you want – then you’ll be able to download from there.


Facebook Cover Photos
Cover photos for the World’s Coolest Cookie Moms! To download from this Flickr site: right-click your mouse over the image and you’ll be offered a variety of sizes and resolutions. After you choose what you want – then you’ll be able to download from there.


Who can sell cookies?
Girls in troops and individually-registered girls too!

Your daughter can sell with a registered troop/group or individually through the Adventurers Group (for teen girls) or individually through the council office (she will receive credit vouchers to pay for shop purchases, event fees and camp fees; no direct money). Contact Arlene for more info at awilhelm@gsvsc.org or 540-777-5105.


How to Support Your Girl Scout
Family support is the key to success. Girls have greater success in Girl Scout Cookie Program activities when family adults are informed and involved. These tips will help you turn “cookie time” into “family time” and provide important ways you can guide and support her to cookie success!


🙂  All girls who participate in the Girl Scout Cookie Sale use 10 basic safety guidelines.

🙂  Click here for practical tips for parents in creating cookie sale success!

🙂  Frequently asked questions can be answered here online.


The Essentials – Forms & Stuff
Cookie Sale Parent Permission Form
Cookie Sale Awards/Recognitions
Coaching Your Budding Businesswoman
5 Skills for Girl Scouts: What Grown-Ups Need to Know (YouTube video)


Research on Girl Scout Cookie Program
A well-known component of Girl Scouting is the Cookie Program, the largest girl-run business in the world. Once a year, Girl Scouts around the country venture into the entrepreneurial world to learn business and financial skills and earn money to fund their Girl Scouting goals. Through “learning by earning,” Girl Scouting aims to empower girls through the development of five essential skills: goal setting, money management, people skills, decision making, and business ethics. In the spring of 2012, the Girl Scout Research Institute set out to understand the extent to which Girl Scouts actually develop these five essential skills, as well as to examine the specific ways girls benefit from their participation in the Cookie Program. Survey responses from 1,417 Brownie and Junior Girl Scouts representing various regions of the country (including our council) provide compelling evidence that girls do benefit from the Cookie Program through development of these essential skills. Click here to download the brief summary of that research.


Remember almost 9 out of 10 people will buy Girl Scout cookies if asked. The number one reason given for not buying is not being asked!


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