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Staff & Board Directory

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Executive Team
Nikki Williams, Chief Executive Officer
Susan Hodges, Executive Assistant/Human Resources Specialist

Mission Delivery Team: Membership & Volunteer Services
The Mission Delivery Team works to support our members from the very beginning and through their entire Girl Scout tenure – you know what they say – once a Girl Scout, always a Girl Scout. We want to make sure every girl has the chance to be a Girl Scout and that they have the best experience every with GSVSC. COMMUNITY RECRUITMENT MANAGERS are out and about around the council spreading the mission of Girl Scouts. They work to help new members navigate their way into existing troops or even start new ones. Community recruitment managers spend a lot of time at our schools and community events and are always looking for help getting the word out about how great it is to be a Girl Scout. PLACEMENT SPECIALISTS hold it all together. They work hard behind the scenes to ensure every person interested in Girl Scouts finds the perfect troop. They are both stationed at our headquarters in Roanoke and they support our community recruitment managers' work in the field as well as ensuring a seamless transition for new members to their training, service units, and introducing them to their next line of support or community engagement manager. COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT MANAGERS support our troop co-leaders and service units throughout the council. They work as liaisons to connect leaders and volunteers to resources and programs throughout GSVSC. You will often find them visiting service unit meetings and events around the council. 

Stacey Porter, Vice President for Mission Delivery
Elisabeth Copp, Community Recruitment Manager
Deirdre Kellner, Community Recruitment Manager
Stephanie Micklem, Community Recruitment Manager
Molly Barkley, Membership Placement Specialist
Elizabeth Elmore, Membership Placement Specialist
Megan Cheresnowsky, Community & Volunteer Engagement Manager
Bekah Shmokler, Community & Volunteer Engagement Manager

Program Team
The Progam Team works with community collaborators and program partners to deliver the Girl Scout Leadership Experience.

Molly Hagan, Program Director
Jessie Brockman, Program Coordinator
Katie Wasmer, Program Coordinator
Karen Payne, Program Adminstration Coordinator

Volunteer Training Team
The Volunteer Training Team delivers high quality girl and adult training and education through online and in-person venues. 

Jodi Brodkin Director of Volunteer Training

External Relations Team: Development & Marketing
The External Relations Team works to raise funds for the council as well as the employment of internal and external communications. 

Melissa Hildebrand, Vice President for External Relations
Vickie Culpepper, Grants Specialist
Jennifer Pfister, Director of Marketing & Communications
Lillian Minix, Creative Branding and Event Planning Specialist

HR, Product Programs & Retail Shop Teams
Sandra Barbour, Business Director
Jennifer Burrell, Product Program/Business Manager
Karen Robertson, Business Specialist

Customer Care & Operations Systems Team
Megan DuVall, Director of Operations Systems
K Lanier, Systems & Data Manager
Kim Dowd, Lead Customer Care Specialist
Meri Furst, Customer Care Specialist

Finance & Property Team
Tina McEnheimer, Finance Director
Marc Johnson, Camp Ranger (Camp Sacajawea & Camp Sugar Hollow)
Tim Ramsay, Camp Ranger (Camp Icimani & Headquarters)

Board Officers

Need to contact your council board of directors? Email

Dawn Wiese, Ph.D., Lexington
Chair — 2018-2020

Audrey Hawkins, Lexington
First Vice Chair — 2018-2020

Karen Ford, Ph.D., Bridgewater
Second Vice Chair — 2018-2020

Karen List, CPA, Salem
Treasurer — 2018-2020

Diane Higgs, Roanoke
Secretary — 2018-2020

Board Directors

Mary Roberts Baako, Roanoke — 2020 
Lora Callahan
, Evington — 2019 (girl board member)
Holli Drewry, Blacksburg — 2020
Katrina Goode, Troutville — 2019
Virginia Newton, Charlottesville — 2019
Sesalie Price, Roanoke — 2020
Paula Prince, Ph.D., Roanoke — 2019
Melissa Richards, Sweet Briar — 2020
Rachel Schweitzer, Crozet — 2020 (girl board member) 
Taisha Steele
, Roanoke  — 2020
Ashley Marshall, Roanoke — 2019 (Board Development Committee Chair)

Board Development Committee

Ashley Marshall, Roanoke
Chair, Board Member — 2019

Jonnette "MJ" Carpenter, Roanoke
Non-board — 2020

Chad Martin, 
Non-board — 2019

Natalie Masri, Charlottesville
Non-board — 2019

Virginia Newton, Charlottesville
Board member — 2020

Scott Terry-Cabbler, Roanoke
Non-board — 2019

Lori Wimbush, Roanoke
Non-board — 2019

2017-20 National Council Delegates

HelenRuth Burch
, Roanoke — 2020 
Nikki Williams
, Roanoke — 2020 
Janet Driscoll-Miller
, Palmyra — 2020 
Amberleigh Powell
, Mineral — 2020 
Kerri Smith
, Blackburg — 2020

Christine Gough
, Charlottesville — 2020 
Nancy Miller
, Salem — 2020 
Beth Raynes
, Grottoes — 2020