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Staff & Board Directory

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Executive Team
Nikki Williams, Chief Executive Officer
Melissa Hildebrand: Chief Operating Officer
Jodi Brodkin, Chief of Volunteer Experience

Camp Team
Tim Ramsay, Camp Ranger
Charles Burrell, Maintenance Specialist

Customer Care & Operations Systems Team
Tina McEnheimer, Customer Care Director
Barbara McClure, Customer Care Specialist
K Swoope, Systems & Data Manager

Development Team
Vickie Culpepper, Fund Development Manager

Finance Team
Brenda Sinclair, Finance Director

Marketing Team
Jennifer Pfister, Director of Marketing & Communications
Marinne Williams, Design and Production Manager

Membership & Volunteer Services Team
Bella Corbo, Community Engagement Manager
Elisabeth Copp, Community Engagement Manager
Katey Markiewicz, Community Engagement Manager

HR, Product Programs & Retail Shop Team
Sandra Barbour, Business Director
Jennifer Burrell, Director of Product Programs & Retail

Program Team
Chris Brumback, Director of Camp & Outdoor Program
Sarah Jones, Program Manager
Molly Barkley, Program Coordinator
Bette Harris-Ramsey, Program Coordinator
Betsy Day, Administrative Assistant

Board Officers

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Katrina Goode, Troutville
Chair — 2022–2024

Anna Muncy, Roanoke
1st Vice Chair — 2022–2024

Karen Ford, Ph.D., Bridgewater
2nd Vice Chair — 2022–2024

Libby Edwards-Allbaugh, Crozet
Treasurer — 2022–2024

Diane Higgs, Roanoke
Secretary — 2022–2024

Nikki Williams, Ed.S., CEO

Board Directors

Brittany Bostic, Franklin Co. — 2022–2024
Katelen Boyd, Roanoke (girl board member) — 2022–2024
Jonette "MJ" Carpenter, Roanoke — 2022–2024
Betsy Newton, Charlottesville (girl board member) — 2021–2023
Virginia Newton, Charlottesville — 2021-2023
Eve Noel, Lynchburg — 2022–2023
Paula Prince, Ph.D., Roanoke — 2022–2024
Taisha Steele, Roanoke — 2022–2024
Curtis Thompson, Roanoke — 2022–2024
Larry Wiese, Lexington — 2022–2024

Board Development Committee

Anna Moncure, Daleville
Chair, Board Member — 2021–2023

Virginia Newton, Charlottesville
Board Member — 2021–2023

Samantha Nochitta, Kents Store
Non-Board — 2021–2023

Eve Noel, Lynchburg
Non-Board — 2022–2024

Paula Prince, Ph.D., Roanoke
Non-Board — 2021–2023

Lori Wimbush, Roanoke
Non-Board — 2021–2023

National Council Delegates

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DELEGATES (2022-2025)
Katrina Goode
, Troutville
Kristen Lanier
, Elkton
Shannon Wallace
, Unionville
Nikki Williams, Roanoke

HelenRuth Burch
, Roanoke
Vicky Harte,
Donna Holden
, Rockingham
Amberleigh Powell
, Mineral