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Staff & Board Directory

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Executive Team
Nikki Williams, Chief Executive Officer
Jodi Brodkin, Chief of Staff
Amanda Cruise, Executive Assistant/Human Resources Specialist

Mission Delivery Team: Membership & Volunteer Services
Megan Cheresnowsky, Community Engagement Director
Bekah Shmokler, Community Engagement Director
Molly Barkley, Community Engagement Manager
Elisabeth Copp, Community Engagement Manager
Elizabeth Elmore, Community Engagement Manager
Deirdre Kellner, Community Engagement Manager
Stephanie Micklem, Community Engagement Manager

Program Team
Molly Hagan, Program Director
Karen Payne, Program Administration & Customer Care Coordinator
Sierra Pearson, Program Coordinator

External Relations Team: Development, Marketing & Property
Melissa Hildebrand, Vice President for External Relations
Vickie Culpepper, Grants Specialist
Jennifer Pfister, Director of Marketing & Communications
Marinne Williams, Design and Production Manager
Tim Ramsay, Camp Ranger (Camp Icimani & Council Headquarters)

HR, Product Programs & Retail Shop Teams
Sandra Barbour, Business Director
Jennifer Burrell, Product Program/Business Manager

Customer Care & Operations Systems Team
Megan Stewards, Director of Operations Systems
K Lanier, Systems & Data Manager
Kim Dowd, Lead Customer Care Specialist

Finance Team
Tina McEnheimer, Finance Director
Carrie Kessler, Accounting Assistant

Board Officers

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Dawn Wiese, Ph.D., Lexington
Chair — 2020–2022

Katrina Goode, Troutville
1st Vice Chair — 2020–2022

Karen Ford, Ph.D., Bridgewater
2nd Vice Chair — 2020–2022

Libby Edwards-Allbaugh, Crozet
Treasurer — 2020–2022

Diane Higgs, Roanoke
Secretary — 2020–2022

Board Directors

Paula Prince, Ph.D., Roanoke — 2019–2021
Virginia Newton
, Charlottesville — 2019–2021
Violet Neikirk, Pembroke — 2019–2021 (girl board member)
Holli Drewry, Blacksburg — 2020–2022
Charnika Elliott, Roanoke — 2020–2022
Sarah Johnson, Blacksburg — 2020–2022
Jennifer Taylor, Harrisonburg — 2020–2022
Georgia Costain, Earlysville — 2020–2022 (girl board member)

Board Development Committee

Virginia Newton, Charlottesville
Chair, Board member — 2020–2021

Natalie Masri, Charlottesville
Non-board — 2019–2021

Anna Moncure, Daleville
Non-board — 2019–2021

Leslie Schweitzer, Crozet
Non-board — 2019–2021

Lori Wimbush, Roanoke
Non-board — 2019–2021

Eve Noel, Lynchburg
Non-board — 2020–2022

2020–2023 National Council Delegates

Dawn Wiese, Ph.D.
, Lexington
Nikki Williams
, Roanoke:
Vicky Harte
, Louisa:
Kristin Lanier
, Elkton:
Shannon Wallace
, Unionville

HelenRuth Burch
, Roanoke:
Donna Holden
, Rockingham:
Amberleigh Powell
, Mineral: