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Volunteer Resources

Welcome to the Council Volunteer Resources page!
Here you will find all that you need to prepare and facilitate your council volunteer opportunities. We have resources for trainers, delegates, troop leaders, service units, camp directors, and those involved with Adventurers. Thank you for volunteering with Girl Scouts of Virginia Skyline!

COVID-19 & Girl Scout Updates

IDP & Reopening Strategy
It’s an important time to be a great Girl Scout and demonstrate Girl Scout values. COVID-19 is an extremely contagious virus that spreads easily in the community. We are developing specific COVID-19 guidelines to help our members take reasonable precautions to limit potential exposure for girls, themselves, and families. As Girl Scouts, we are working together to bring awareness, preparedness, health,and community service.

We continue to monitor local and national directives, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Department of Health, and Virginia Department of Health (VDH). The guidance we provide is intended to be used in conjunction with Safety Activity Checkpoints in accordance with our council’s individual state and local COVID-19 circumstances which remain fluid.

Headquarters Reopening Strategy
Girl Scouts of Virginia Skyline Council (GSVSC) offices and activities will resume on Monday, July 6, 2020. At that time, we will follow the rules and guidelines set forth by the Virginia governor, the VDH and the CDC. The following has been cleaned and disinfected at council headquarters in Roanoke:

  • Ducts cleaned and air filters replaced
  • Carpets steam-cleaned and disinfected
  • Bathrooms deep-cleaned and disinfected
  • Kitchen deep-cleaned and disinfected
  • Cube walls steam-cleaned and disinfected

The following supplies will be provided to staff and visitors onsite at headquarters: sanitizer, cleaning supplies/wipes, masks and gloves. All staff members and visitors will be required to have their temperature checked upon entering the building. Any staff member with a temperature of 100.4 or higher will be sent home immediately and not allowed to return until fever-free for 72 hours. Any visitor with a temperature of 100.4 will not be allowed to enter the building.

Doors to the headquarters' building will remain locked during the first 4-6 weeks. Visitors will be allowed by appointment only. Visitors must call the office and complete a CDC self-assessment before allowed to enter the building. Staff and visitors must wear a mask/face covering in common spaces, hallways, and when meeting with another staff member or customer. Social distancing guidelines should be adopted as often as possible.

Re-opening Phases
GSVSC will resume full, normal in-person activities only after Virginia has successfully passed out of the National Phase 3 of the re-opening process. These phases were developed by the White House back in April and have been recently updated by the governor’s office specifically for Virginia.

Gathering Restrictions
We will continue to monitor restrictions for small or large gatherings. As of today, Virginia is currently limited to gatherings up to 50. Even though Governor Northam recently announced that Virginia will move onto the third phase of the state's gradual reopening from COVID-19 on July 1, which would allow for social gatherings of up to 250 people, Girl Scout gatherings will remain restricted to gatherings of up to 50 people until further notice. Based on the governor's metrics, gathering sizes may increase or decrease. It’s important members keep up-to-date with the Girl Scout gathering restriction sizes.

While specific guidelines for troop/group meetings, activities, events, travel, highest awards, and reporting a positive COVID-19 test are being finalized, this is what you need to know today:

  • Day Activities/Events: Volunteers are to obtain clearance from the council before planning any gatherings of more than 50 people.
  • Transportation: Girl Scouts has adopted a zero-transportation policy until Virginia has safely passed out of Phase 3 of Virginia’s re-opening process. Individual parents must drop off and pick up their own girls from meetings and activities.
  • Travel and Overnight Stays: Overnight trips are not permitted until after Virginia has successfully passed out of Phase 3 of Virginia’s re-opening process.
  • Highest Awards Guidelines: Highest awards' deadlines for current (not rising) 5th grade Juniors, 8th grade Cadettes, and 12th grade Ambassadors have been extended to December 31, 2020.
  • Graduating Seniors Funds Extensions: We are providing extensions for the use of troop funds for graduating seniors until August 31, 2021.
  • Reporting and Communicating a Positive COVID 19 Test: In the event of a Girl Scout member receiving a COVID-19 positive test result or exposure to someone who has tested positive to COVID-19, a council staff member will be responsible for handling these cases and communicating with those Girl Scout members or partner organizations that have been impacted. Members that have had a known exposure to COVID-19 or have a positive COVID-19 test result should promptly contact the council in this situation at 540-777-5100 or contact the council emergency number after hours: 1-540-598-0974.

These final guidelines for troop/group meetings, activities, events, travel, highest awards, and reporting exposure and/or positive COVID-19 test will be re-sent again in an email to all members prior to our reopening on July 6, 2020.

If you have questions or need further assistance, please reach out to us at  info@gsvsc.org or 540-777-5100 If you have an emergency (accident, injury, crisis or incident), then please call the emergency number at 1-540-598-0974. Your call will be answered by a GSVSC staff member.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Virginia Departmen of Health
GSVSC Infectious Disease Plan
How to Talk to Your Girl About Coronaviruss

June 11, 2020

Bronze, Silver and Gold Award Guidelines Updated/Deadline Extended to 12/31/20
Girl Scout Connections: 6-24-20 (reopening strategy)

Council Trainers

Welcome to Council Trainer Resources

Here you will find all that you need to prepare and facilitate your council training sessions.

Online Forms for Trainers:
GSVSC Training Print Order Form
Advancement Request
Training Publicity Request
Council Trainer Procedures
GSVSC Training Publicity Request (#2345)

Interested in Becoming a Council Trainer?
Council Trainer Interest Form
Please complete this council trainer interest survey to share your training interests. New trainers attend a Training-for-Trainers course and will be partnered with experienced trainers.



Jodi Brodkin
Director of Volunteer Training

Invite-a-Friend to Train
As a council trainer, you are aware there is always a need for more trainers. So, help spread the word by inviting other committed Girl Scout volunteers to join us. You know what fun the trainers have when they get together! So, spread the word by reading the following, and email to volunteers you'd recommend becoming trainers.

Council Trainers Needed
Have you enjoyed a Girl Scout training you attended? Could you see yourself helping new leaders? We are in need of more volunteer council trainers, especially for Outdoor Education, Hiking, Backpacking, Event Planning, and Bronze, Silver, and Gold workshops! As a volunteer organization, we are always in need of trainers to help provide the most accurate information to our leaders, volunteers and older girls. If you love Girl Scouting, this is a great way to volunteer. Trainers are needed in all areas of the council (especially more rural areas) to bring training closer to each Girl Scout service unit.

Trainers are adults who:

  • Work effectively with other adults and/or older girls
  • Serve as role models for adult volunteers
  • Are dedicated to and support the principles of Girl Scouting
  • Like a flexible Girl Scout commitment
  • Are responsible, dependable and follow through on their commitment

Council Trainer Position Description (#1628)
Council Trainer Progression (#3379)

Troop Co-Leaders

Welcome to Troop Co-Leader Resources! 

Here you will find all that you need to prepare and facilitate leading your troop.

Online Forms for Troop Co-Leaders
Girl Scout Troop Notebook
Volunteer Essentials
Troop Leader or Assistant Leader Position Description (#1603)
GS Bank Account Application (#4319)
Troop Candy & Nut Sale Manager (#1644)
Parent Permission Fall Product Sale 2017
Troop Cookie Sales Manager (#1638)
Activity/Trip Permission (#2129)
Volunteer Application
Incident Report (#1089)
How Can I Help Your Troop (#4133)
Troop Donation Record (#1215)
Troop Bank Record (#4041)
GSVSC Program Publicity Request (#2345)

Multi-Level Resources
Cadette Outdoor Journey (PDF)
Senior Outdoor Journey (PDF)
Ambassador Outdoor Journey (PDF)

Guides for the First Six Meetings of Your Girl Scout Troop
Daisy Troop First Six Meetings
Brownie Troop First Six Meetings
Junior Troop First Six Meetings

New Badge Charts & Award Logs
Daisies: Log | Chart
Brownies: Log | Chart
Juniors: Log | Chart
Cadettes: Log | Chart
Seniors: Log | Chart
Ambassadors: Log | Chart

Check out our newest STEM and Outdoor Journeys and badges!
View the PDF version here!

Check Out These Volunteer Vidoes!
Controlling the Room: 
Tips for troop co-leaders on the best way to get the attention of the girls in their troop.
Leader-Daughter Dynamic: Tips for how to manage when troop co-leaders have their daughter in their troop.
Parent Meeting:Tips for engaging parents in troop meetings and activities.
Positive Troop Environment: Tips for creating and maintaining a sage and positive troop environment.
Start-up Activities: Examples of successful activities for the girls to do at the beginning of the troop meeting.
Troop Safety: Tips for troop co-leaders to ensure they are following safety guidelines with their troop.
Welcoming New Girls: Tips for troop co-leaders to ensure new girls feel welcome as a new troop member.

Service Units

Service Unit Roundtables

Monthly presentations of the latest & greatest Girl Scout information. These playdecks/presentations are linked to Google Drive for viewing purposes. 

Online Forms for Service Unit Leaders
GSVSC Program Publicity Request (#2345)

December 19, 2019: Roundtable Recording (expires 12/31/20)
January 23, 2020: Roundtable Recording (expires 12/31/20)
March 26, 2020: Roundtable Recording (expires 12/31/20)
May 28, 2020: Roundtable Recording
June 11, 2020: GSVSC Town Hall Meeting Recording

Camp Directors

Welcome to Camp Director Resources!

You will find here all that you need to prepare and facilitate your council camp directorship.

Materials/Resources/Forms for Summer Camps
1064c: Camp Consignment Order
1089: Incident Report
1721: Position Description- Camp Pathway Facilitator
2075: Tick Bite & Health Care Report
2089: Inventory of Summer Camp Equipment
2111: Program Center Use Report
2137: Camper Evaluation
2138: Camp Site Information and Summer Camp Medical Emergency Plan
2141: Camp Staff Planning Session Attendance Record
2157: Daily Camp Attendance Record
2158: Camp Attendance Report
2183: Final Camp Report Checklist
2184: Summer Camp Credit Card Charges
2188: Camp Staff Agreement
2240: GS Brownie Award Record
2262: Camp Director's Pre-Camp Checklist
2265: Information Needed on Vehicles and Drivers
2299: Summer Camp Patch Program Requirements
2413: Needs Assessment for Camp Staff
2414: Camp Director's Report
2415: Camp Staff Evaluation
2416: Unit Staff Report of Session
2421: Volunteer Led Camp Financial Report
2632: Transportation Safety Checklist
2634: Camp Personnel Checklist
2636: Camper Early Release Sign-Out
2637: Safety Rules Procedures and Routines
2630: CIT Application
2652: Camp Program Assistant Application
2659: CPA-CIT Camp Skills Checklist
2666: CIT II Application
3005: Volunteer Service Award Time Log
2345: GSVSC Camp Publicity & Registration Request

Camp Directors Manual
Site Inspection Form

Summer Camps Resources Printing
If you need small quantities of forms and materials printed, this needs to be done by the camp. Large quantities of camp manuals or flyers can be requested for printing by the council. Please contact Program Director Molly Hagan to request: mhagan@gsvsc.org or 540-227-0914. 

Summer Camps Marketing Materials
Below are the two pieces we offer to personalize for your summer camp marketing needs:

> camp flyer (half sheet = 5.5x8.5, 2-sided, full-color): one side shows all summer camps available and other side can be personalized with your individual camp info
> camp certificates (8.5x11, full-color):
generic camp-themed certificates for campers, CIT, CPA and volunteer staff; can add camp name and logo to personalize

To order, please use this online request form

Program Collaborators

More information coming soon!