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(FULL) Trefoil Academy of Magery and Sorcery: The Summer Session 2019 (FULL)

Sun Jul 14, 8:15 AM - Sat Jul 20, 12:00 PM EST
Camp Pleasant (Camp 4)
Summer Camps
Ambassador, Brownie, Cadette, Junior, Senior


Your adventure starts here: At last! You found it! Your fingertips begin to tingle as you pick up the grimoire. Its ancient pages threaten to fall apart. They are blank or are they? As you study the pages, the following appears:

Gsv dliow'h uzgv ivhg rm blfi szmwh. Ivnvnyvi, zxgrlmh szev xlmhvjfvmxvh.

Suddenly, there is a large crash behind you. You are not alone.

What do you do?

"Life is just a footnote to this camp." - Former Camper
"It is a real life video game!" - Former Camper
"The next level to Harry Potter!" - Former Camper
"Forget Harry Potter, I want Trefoil." - Former Camper
"Better than the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!" - Former Camper

This week-long overnight camp is live-action, role-play adventure. The best way to describe it is that it is a real-life video game. You are taking on the role as a magical prodigy who is attending a renowned summer school for gifted mages. The world is brimming with adventures to be had, villains/monsters to be battled, and mysteries to be solved. Furthermore, you have the ability to gain experience, which in turn allows you to level up your character (i.e. more spells, stronger spells, stronger potions, etc.) The story is a choose-your-own adventure that builds upon the previous years. The choices that you and your fellow students make will have a lasting impact on future generations to come. You are the saga’s hero now, and its outcome is in your hands. Due to degree of the immersive experience, it is strongly recommended that you enjoy fantasy, solving mysteries, using your imagination, and going on dungeon crawls.

Are you not very familiar with Harry Potter? That is perfectly okay. You will still have an absolute magical time.

Are you a die-hard Harry Potter fan? Welcome! Please know that this camp is a plausible recreation in an alternative universe rather than a straight reenactment from the books/movies. A defining characteristic from the books/movies is the epic adventure that the trio goes on. The adventure is full of mysteries, plot twists, epic battles, and an ultimate showdown between good versus evil. That is what you can expect from this camp in a magical universe. The reason it is not a re-enactment is that it is hard to have a true adventure when one already knows the outcome. We figure it was better to honor by being inspired rather than straight copying.

Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Come (YouTube video)
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Location: 2020 location TBD (please see our website)
Dates & Times of Camp: 2020 Dates TBD (please see our website)
Campers' Ages: 8-17
Minimum/Maximum # of Campers: 10/100
Camp Costs: 2020 Price TBD (please see our website)
Date Registration Opens: 02/01/2020
Date Registration Closes: 02/01/2020

Girl Camp Leadership Programs
Counselor-in-Training/CIT (grades 10 and up): Older girls may apply to be a CIT. They must complete a CIT Application (#2630) and attend GSVSC’s CIT training. They must register for camp and attend a staff planning session prior to camp. Please contact the camp director for additional information., Counselor-in-Training II/CIT II (grades 10 and up; must have served at a GSVSC summer camp as a CIT): Girls can submit a CIT II application (#2666) if they have previous camp leadership experience. They must register for camp and attend all camp staff meetings. Please contact the camp director for additional information.

Transportation: parents are responsible for their daughters’ transportation to and from camp. Parents are encouraged to form carpools with other campers in the area or with their troop.

Refund Policy:
please see the academy website for its refund policy. No substitutions or transfers are allowed.

Note: this camp is competitive to get into. The RSVP links for Tier 3 go live in early January. You will want to complete the short online RSVP ticket before 2/1 so your RSVP ticket is in the first batch to be processed on Feb. 1, 2020. We will be going into a lottery for the Tier 3: Open Enrollment slots as well as the 2020 waitlisted slots. Any RSVP ticket that does not get chosen for either of those slots will be be placed on our 2020 standby list. It is still possible for individuals to get tapped from the standby list to come to the 2020 Summer Session, and standby applications will be weighed more heavily in later Tier 3: Open Enrollment periods.

Adult Camp Volunteer Opportunities
Please see our website's staffer page. As a heads up, being a volunteer does not increase a child's chances of getting a slot. The application period for adults will be live during October 2019, and applicants are notified of the hiring committee's decisions by end of November.

Ash Boynton, Camp Director,