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Girl Scouting at Home

Hours of badges and online activities to continue the fun of Girl Scouting at home! If you have any ideas to share, please reach out to us at info@gsvsc.org.


Eco Learner (here's how to earn at home)
Good Neighbor (here's how to earn at home)
Outdoor Art Maker (here's how to earn at home)
Robotics (here's how to earn at home)
Space Science Explorer (here's how to earn at home)

Clover Petal: Use Resources Wisely (here's how to earn at home)
Gloria Petal: Respect Myself and Others (here's how to earn at home)
Mari Petal: Responsible for What I Say and Do (here's how to earn at home)
Vi Petal: Be a Sister to Every Girl Scout (here's how to earn at home)

Eco Learner: Steps 1 & 2
Eco Learner: Step 3
Good Neighbor: Step 1
Good Neighbor: Step 2
Good Neighbor: Step 3
Mechanical Engineering: Steps 1 & 2 (video 1)
Mechanical Engineering: Steps 1 & 2 (video 2)
Mechanical Engineering: Step 3
Money Counts Leaf: Steps 1 & 2
Money Counts Leaf: Step 3
Outdoor Art Maker
Space Science Explorer: Step 1
Space Science Explorer: Steps 2 & 3
Trail Adventurer: Steps 1-3

Sunny's Story

Just finished earning your Girl Scout badge at home? 

Congratulations! Next let your troop leader know and your council know what you've accomplished. Then either your troop will purchase the badge for you or you will do so on your own: Girl Scout Online Store  (free shipping right now).


Coding for Good Badge 1: Coding Basics (here's how to earn at home)
Coding for Good Badge 2: Digital Game Design (here's how to earn at home)
Coding for Good Badge 3: App Development (here's how to earn at home)
Cybersecurity 1: Basics (here's how to earn at home)
Cybersecurity 2: Safeguards (here's how to earn at home)
Cybersecurity 3: Investigator (here's how to earn at home)
First Aid (here's how to earn at home)
Gardener (here's how to earn at home)
Independence (here's how to earn at home)
Inside Government (here's how to earn at home)
Outdoor Art Explorer (here's how to earn at home)
Simple Meals (here's how to earn at home)
Staying Fit (here's how to earn at home)

Animal Habitats: Steps 1 & 2
Detective: Step 2
Detective: Step 3
Digital Photographer: Steps 1-3
Drawing: Steps 1 & 2
Drawing: Step 3
Drawing: Steps 4 & 5
Flowers: Steps 1 & 2
Flowers: Steps 3 & 4
Gardener: Steps 1-5
Jeweler: Steps 2 & 3
Jeweler: Step 4
Simple Meals: Steps 1 & 2
Simple Meals: Steps 3 & 4
Space Science Investigator: Step 1
Trail Adventurer: Steps 1-4

Just finished earning your Girl Scout badge at home? 
Congratulations! Next let your troop leader know and  your council know what you've accomplished . Then either your troop will purchase the badge for you or you will do so on your own:  Girl Scout Online Store  (free shipping right now).


Coaching (here's how to earn at home)
College Knowlege (here's how to earn at home)
First Aid (here's how to earn at home)
Own My Own (here's how to earn at home)
Public Policy (here's how to earn at home)

Eco Advocate: Step 1
Eco Advocate: Step 2
Eco Advocate: Step 3
Eco Advocate: Steps 4 & 5
Outdoor Art Master: Steps 1, 2, & 5
Survival Camper: Steps 1 & 2
Survival Camper: Step 3
Survival Camper: Steps 4 & 5

Just finished earning your Girl Scout badge at home? 
Congratulations! Next let your troop leader know and your council know what you've accomplished. Then either your troop will purchase the badge for you or you will do so on your own: Girl Scout Online Store  (free shipping right now).

Program Fun Online

Check-out all these virtual/online resources that you and your kids can enjoy from the comfort of your couch. We've included virtual versions of book clubs, fav reads for kids, field trips, STEM experiments, food & fitness, and first aid. 

Virtual Book Clubs & Fav Reads
Mighty Girls & Women Books
A Mighty Girl's collection of both fictional and biographical stories about remarkable girls and young women.

Weekly Virtual Book Club for Kids
Get ideas for activities, crafts and recipes based on popular themes and featured books straight to your inbox each week to inspire you to connect and create with your children.

Virtual Field Trips
Discovery Education Virtual Field Trips
Join us live for our new Virtual Field Trips or watch them on demand later.
Each no-cost Virtual Field Trip comes with a companion guide packed with standards-aligned, hands-on learning activities!

Cincinnati Zoo
Join us for a Home Safari Facebook Live each weekday at 3 p.m. EDT where we will highlight one of our amazing animals and include an activity you can do from home.

Georgia Aquarium
Live views from the Georgia Aquarium for a variety of sealife.

National Parks
Take a virtual tour from the comfort of your own home of dozens of national parks throughout the US.

You can take a virtual tour through 12 famous museums in the world: Guggenheim Museum (New York City), British Museum (London), National Gallery of Art (Washington, D.C.), Musée d’Orsay (Paris), National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (Seoul), Pergamon Museum (Berlin), Rijksmuseum (Amsterdam), Van Gogh Museum (Amsterdam), The J. Paul Getty Museum (Los Angeles), Uffizi Gallery (Florence), MASP (São Paulo), and National Museum of Anthropology (Mexico City). 

Your Health, Food & Fitness
Skills for Health Living (PBS)
You will find here skills for healthy living that will help students take steps to live a healthier life, physically and mentally. The site offers a wide array of resources aimed at elementary, middle, and high school students.

The Human Body and Social Emotional Learning (BrainPOP)
BrainPOP is here to help you and your curious learners stay informed and on-track with free access during school closures.

Our Free Being Me & Action on Body Confidence (WAGGGS)
Imagine a world where no-one is worried about the way they look. The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts and Dove work towards this incredible vision. Our Free Being Me and Action on Body Confidence programs boost body confidence and support children and young people to advocate on body confidence issues in their community.

First Aid/To Be Prepared
Mickey & Friends Disaster Preparedness Activity Digital Book (Disney)
Fire Department Virtual Tours (Lake Oswego, OR)
Fire Station Field Trip Video (PBS)
Sheriff's Office Field Trip Video (PBS)

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math)
PBS's SciGirls Stories are short, exciting videos of diverse young professionals sharing their experiences as STEM superstars. These role models offer real talk about their challenges and triumphs in the science workforce, encouraging girls to explore STEM study and career pathways. 

Learn serious coding while having fun. Create your own animations, games, websites, and more. 

Girls Learning Environment and Energy (GLEE) is a joint effort between Stanford University and the Girl Scouts of Northern California to teach Girl Scouts and their families about the environment and energy conservation.

Smart Girls DIY!
Amy Poehler's Smart Girls organization is dedicated to helping young people cultivate their authentic selves. Here is a free collection of online DIY videos that explores STEM as well as lots of artsy and outdoors projects too!

Service Projects to Help Out

Before we get to the specific things we can do, it’s important to note that public health officials say the best help people can offer right now, first and foremost, is to do their part to try to contain the spread of the virus. That means staying at home as much as possible, washing hands frequently and following the other guidelines put forth by the Centers for Disease Control.

Create Fun Girl Scout Program Videos
Co-Leader Nicole R. along with her troop started a YouTube video series "Stuck At Home Series with Charlottesville Troop 944." Explains Nicole: "While realizing there are millions of kids everywhere stuck at home, my troop decided to start a YouTube channel this weekend, and are creating daily short videos of a wide-array of topics to help keep the boredom at bay. Safety and first aid, storytime, quick drawing lessons, simple recipes, games to play at home, ways to get outside, leave no trace, songs, knots, etc. Some will cover individual requirements for badges (eg. bike safety), while others are more for fun (eg. best knots to create a damage-free fort inside). Not only has this been an awesome way to keep them busy, they are researching topics, writing out scripts, planning their shots, and getting creative with finishing touches. Learning by doing at its finest!" Way to go Troop 944!

With our Moblie STEM Center planning out programs for this fall, help us out by creating creative, fun STEM demo videos. We'd love to add them to your council's YouTube Channel: communications@gsvsc.org

Donate Cookies to Local Hospital Workers, Soup Kitchens & Senior Communities
As a Girl Scout, if you still have cookies, please set up a digital cookie booth to donate boxes to local healthcare workers, those lacking food and the elderly. More details on how to do this are here

Scavenger Hunts & Holiday Lights
People in local neighborhoods throughout the U.S. are putting teddy bears in their windows to turn a walk into a "bear hunt" for children out walking their neighborhood with their families. Also you could cut out paper hearts and add them to your windows facing the streets for families to spot on their walks. And grab your chalk and decorate your driveway or sidewalk with fun pics and uplifting messages of good cheer. Plus another popular siting... holiday lights decorating houses in the springtime. All four of these displays are providing a bit of emotional and actual brightness for others to enjoy from a safe social distance. 

Mail Greeting Cards to Your Local Retirement Community 
No visitors allowed, but you can still send your greetings. Grab your markers or colored pencils and get to work on your masterpiece to brighten someone's day. Look online or call up that retirement care facility within your local neighborhood and get their address. No hand-deliveries; please mail out your greetings. 

Mail Letters of Encouragement to First Responders
Write a letter, color a card or just say thanks by postcard to your local police, fire, hospital, health center, grocery store, post office, etc. Send a note of encouragement and thanks to help these first responders keep going to this time of crisis. It may not seem like a lot, but a hand-written, hand-designed letter goes along way these days. 

Sew a Face Mask for Local Hospitals & Health Centers
Citing shortages nationwide, health systems are asking the public to sew face masks for staff fighting coronavirus. According to the  CDC, fabric masks are a crisis response option  when other supplies have been exhausted. Please reach out to your local hospital or doctor's office to find out if they have a similar need. You can find directions and patterns that follow CDC guidelines here. And now 

Sew Face Mask Headbands for Healthcare Workers
When wearing a face mask for extended periods of time, folks ears get sore ears so now people are getting crafty and sewing headbands with buttons on each side where the elastic bands of a face mask can attach to. 

Help Out Your Local Animal Rescue
Animal rescues and shelters are always in need of money and fosters, and now many are unable to employ their normal amount of staff, making the need even starker. You can donate, or contact animal rescues in your neighborhood and see if you can serve as a foster while you’re homebound.

Infectious Disease Patch Program

A Collaboration Between Girl Scouts of Virginia Skyline Council and Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine

In the wake of COVID-19, Girl Scouts of Virginia Skyline, in collaboration with Katherine L. Brown, Ph.D., an assistant professor at Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine, has created an Infectious Disease Patch Program. The overall purpose of this patch program is to educate Girl Scouts about infectious diseases, how they are spread, and treatment and prevention of global pandemics. We have thoughtfully assembled age-appropriate content for this virtual STEM program, not only to provide girls with knowledge in the face of this health crisis, but also to engage the natural-born scientist in each of them by utilizing a relevant, real-world situation. It is the council’s hope that this virtual program inspires girls to consider how they can build, invent, create, study, develop, cure and design their STEM futures to make the world a better place.

This patch is for all Girl Scouts, Daisies to Ambassadors.

When you've finished this patch program, please complete this evaluation, which includes the opportunity to order your program patch at $2 per patch.

Infectious Disease Planning Patch 2020 Round 2
Troop Meetings Online

Free Video Conference Platforms for Meetings
Check-out these Virtual Meetings Tips & Tricks to help you select which online meeting platform will work best with your troop or service unit. Also here's a guide to help out with the Safety Activity Checkpoints for Computer and Internet Use. And don't forget to have your girls sign the Internet Safety Pledge ( found on the last page of the Computer and Internet Use SAC ). 

Ice Breaker & Virtual Games
Check-out these ice breaker and fun games that you can do with your troop during your online meetings. 

Virtual Book Club
Start up a Virtual Book Club with your troop or other troops within your service unit. Check-out this great guide to creating your own troop book club. 

CEO Nikki's Strolls & Chats

Join CEO Nikki Williams as she goes for her afternoon walk and chats LIVE on Facebook with leaders, parents and our membership every Monday-Friday from 5-6 PM.

Got a question? Got an idea? Share it with CEO Nikki as she takes our Girl Scout council outside to take a moment to talk about new and innovative ways to deliver Girl Scouting. Take a stroll with her, chat and rejuvenate your Girl Scout-self! Dates and times are here on our Facebook events calendar


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