membership voice committee

The membership voice committee is a board appointed group of volunteers who serve as the liaisons between the board and the council membership.


Membership Voice Committee Members

Doug Peyton Staunton, VA
Liz Brickhouse Harrisonburg, VA
Gail Hassmer Charlottesville, VA
Stephanie Barb Orange, VA
Nancy Miller Salem, VA
Angie Miller Check, VA
Kerri Smith Blacksburg, VA
Donna Guill Rustburg, VA
Sharon Nolley Rustburg, VA
Tricia McMahon, Chair Salem, VA
HelenRuth Burch,
Board Chair ex officio


The membership voice committee can be emailed at with any concerns or questions related to the governance of the organization. In addition, council members may share feedback to the committee by completing either the Membership Voice Communication Form (#1160) or the Proposals for the Board of Directors Form (#1260).