Financial management best practices include interim and annual financial reporting. This page provides monthly budgetary reporting for the Girl Scouts of Virginia Skyline Council. On or before the 15th of each month the monthly budgetary report is posted. Annually the council is audited by an independent certified public accountant. This page includes the results of the annual audit for the past three years. The annual audit is completed in the fall and is typically available by December of each year. Should you have questions regarding this information, then please contact Michael W. Hill, Chief Finance Officer, at 540-777-5128 or

Monthly Financial Statements
Year-to-date Comparison February 29, 2016
Scott Stringfellow February 2016 Statement
February 2016 Cash Flow Statement
February 2016 Monthly Budget Narrative
February 2016 Endowment Chart
February 2016 Cash Operating Chart

Year-to-date Comparison January 31, 2016
Scott Stringfellow January 2016 Statement
January 2016 Cash Flow Statement
January 2016 Monthly Budget Narrative
January 2016 Endowment Chart
January 2016 Cash Flow Chart


Annual Audit Reports

2015 Audit Report
2015 Management Letter
2014 Audit Report
2014 Management Letter
2013 Audit Report
2013 Management Letter
2012 Audit Report
2012 Management Letter
2011 Audit Report
2011 Management Letter
2010 Audit Report
2009 Audit Report


Key Financial Indicators
FY2008-FY2010 Trend Data