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The Girl Scouts of Virginia Skyline Council’s Board of Directors is a team of volunteers dedicated to the financial oversight and governance of the council.  To contact the board, please email them at or contact Jean Ann Hughes, CEO, at or 540-777-5100. Additionally, if you have someone you would like to recommend to the board development committee, then please email them at your recommendation. 


2016 GSVSC Board of Directors
HelenRuth Burch, Roanoke – Chair – 2018
Christine Cutright Knight, Chatham – 1st Vice Chair – 2018
Dawn Watkins, Lexington– 2nd Vice Chair – 2018
Karen List, Salem – Treasurer – 2018
Audrey Hawkins, Lexington – Secretary – 2018
Jean Ann Hughes, Goodview – GSVSC CEO and Ex-Officio Board Member


Laura Neff-Henderson, Blacksburg, 2017
Karen Ford, Bridgewater, 2018
Paula Prince, Roanoke 2017
Michele Fountain, Salem 2017
Katie Wysocki, Blacksburg, 2017 (girl)
Rebekah Brown, Roanoke, 2018 (girl)
Scott Terry-Cabbler, Roanoke, 2018
Holli Drewry, Blacksburg, 2018
Natalie Masri, Charlottesville, 2017
Ashley Marshal, Montvale, 2017


Board Development Committee
Natalie Masri, Charlottesville – Chair, board, 2018
Peg McGuire, Roanoke, non-board, 2018
Julie Slifer, Dayton, non-board, 2018
Heidi Dearstyne, Roanoke, non-board 2017
Zanetta Ford, Harrisonburg, non-board, 2017
Scott Terry-Cabbler, Roanoke, board, 2017
Ladonna Martin Hairston, Martinsville, non-board, 2018


2014-17 National Council Delegates
HelenRuth Burch, Roanoke, 2017
Jean Ann Hughes, Goodview, 2017
Stephanie Barb, Orange, 2017
Amy Nash, Palmyra, 2017
Amy Swisher, Fairfield, 2017

Alternate National Council Delegates
Kerri Smith, Blacksburg, 2017
Esta (Beth) Raynes, Grottoes, 2017


Board Meeting Dates
With the exception of executive sessions, board meetings are open to the membership, if you would like to attend an upcoming meeting, simply email the board to let them know you are planning to attend:



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