Everyone likes to feel appreciated for her or his volunteer service. Whether in the form of a simple thank-you for a small job well done or a formal commendation for years of faithful service in a key position of an organization, such acknowledgment is a signal to the recipient that she or he is noticed and appreciated—that she or he is recognized.


An attitude of appreciation can be created by:
• Being aware of the extra effort put forth by an individual.
• Taking the time to mention a person’s service or thanks for a job well done.
• Helping people to attain a higher level of achievement.
• Developing a climate wherein work is sincerely noticed and noted at all levels.


When and how the recipient is recognized will make the expression of gratitude memorable. Recognitions might be made on:
• Special Girl Scout holidays
• At Girl Scout community (service unit) meetings
• At a special recognition event
• Immediately following service rendered
• At a community recognition event


Who to consider for recognition:
• Adult volunteers or staff in any position in Girl Scouting.
• People and organizations outside Girl Scouting who provide invaluable support to Girl Scouting.


Formal Recognitions
For truly significant service, there is a formal adult recognition program in Girl Scouting. These council and national awards recognize outstanding accomplishments that go well beyond what would be expected for the position held.


Download the Virginia Skyline Adult and Girl Recognitions Summary (Form #4053) to determine:
• Which awards would be appropriate for your candidate(s).
• Whether letters of endorsement are required, and how many, for each type of award.
• Who approves the award nomination.
• The deadline date for submission of nominations.
• How to complete the appropriate paperwork necessary.


Check out this year’s awardees at our Annual Meeting’s Adult Recognitions Ceremony! Congrats to everyone and thank you for your continuous commitment to Girl Scouting!


Informal Recognitions
Some ways to say “thank you” informally at local Girl Scout communities (service units) or by committees or task groups could include:
• A framed photograph of the Girl Scouts who participated in a particular project or event (can be a blown-up snapshot).
• Flowers presented at a meeting.
• Birthday or holiday greetings made by the girls.
• A special citation read at a meeting.
• Specific awards such as Rookie of the Year, Most Valuable Team Member, Green Angel, Green Knight, etc. as developed by your Girl Scout community (service unit) team, committee, or group.
• Fun awards such as breath mints (‘you take my breath away’), note cards (‘for a noteworthy achievement’), or batteries (‘you’ve added energy to our group’).