Summer Camps ~ camp leadership info

Welcome Virginia Skyline summer camp leadership staff! We are very excited about the up and coming summer camp season. We believe that this will be another great summer for both you and the campers! This web page contains the important materials and forms you’ll be needing to create the best summer camp yet.


Summer Camp PR Items
Magical Marketing Ideas for Summer Camp (PDF)
Summer Camp Posters
(full-color, 8.5×11 or 11×17) – sample to come
Summer Camp Flyers
(b&w on color paper 8.5×11) – see Rainbow’s End Camp sample here
Summer Camp Booklets
(b&w on color paper, 11×17 folded) – see Greene Summer Camp sample here
Summer Camp Postcards
(b&w on color cardstock paper, 4.25×5.5) – see Camp Sacajawea sample here
Summer Camp Bookmarkers
(b&w on color cardstock paper, 2×8.5) – see Cave Hill Day Camp sample here


To order: contact Bryan with your item request, quantity and personalization at


Program Management

Form # & Name PDF Fillable
MS Word Doc
2099-Volunteer-Led Summer Camp Letter of Intent PDF Word Doc
2109-Weekly Program Calendar PDF Word Doc
2113-Summer Camp Tents Reservation PDF Word Doc
2115-Cookout Requisition PDF Word Doc
2137-Camper Evaluation PDF X
2159-Program Resource Reservation PDF Word Doc
2483-Summer Camp Overnight Permission PDF X
Sample Preparatory Letter to Local Emergency Services X Word Doc
Behavior Management PDF X


Business Management

Form # & Name PDF MS Word or
MS Excel
1064C-Camp Consignment Form PDF Word Doc
1138-Expense Report PDF Excel Spreadsheet
1138a-Expense Report long version with summary PDF Excel spreadsheet
1095-Transmittal & Fund Transfer long version PDF Word Doc
1721-Position Description — Camp Pathway Facilitator PDF Word Doc
2029-Summer Camp Registration PDF Word Doc
2030-Registration Summary for Camp PDF Word Doc
2093-Expense Tracking PDF Word Doc
2095-Registration Tally Sheet PDF Word Doc
2136-Request for Non-GS Insurance PDF Word Doc
2184-Summer Camp Credit Card Charges PDF Word Doc
2420-Camp/Event Budget (new camps only) PDF Excel Spreadsheet
2421-Volunteer-Led Camp Financial Report X Excel Spreadsheet


Health Management

Form # & Name PDF Fillable
MS Word Doc
2075-Tick Bite Report PDF X
2155-Camper Health Information PDF Word Doc
2636-Camper Early Release Sign-out PDF X


Risk Management

Form # & Name PDF Fillable
MS Word Doc
Safety Checklist PDF X
Camp Director’s Checklist PDF X
1040-Request for Certification of Insurance PDF Word Doc
1074-Site Agreement/Initial Site Inspection PDF Word Doc
1089-Incident Report PDF Word Doc
2036-Event Sign-in Sheet PDF X
2138-Camp Site Info/Emergency Plan PDF Word Doc
2157-Daily Attendance Report PDF Word Doc
2158-Camp Attendance Report PDF Word Doc
2183-Final Camp Report PDF X
2219-Types of Abuse PDF X
2265-Info Needed on Vehicles PDF Word Doc
2414-Camp Director’s Report PDF Word Doc
2415-Camp Staff Evaluation PDF Word Doc
2416-Unit Staff Session Report PDF Word Doc


Older Girls Working at Camp:
Camp Program Assistant (CPA), Counselor-in-Training (CIT) &
Junior Counselor (JC) Forms

Form # & Name PDF Fillable
MS Word
Grade-Level Characteristics (#2258) PDF X
Summer Camp Leadership Positions for Girls 11-17 (#2475) PDF X
CIT Application (#2630) PDF Word Doc
CIT Training Registration (#2631) PDF Word Doc
CIT & Her Role @ Camp (#2649) PDF X
CPA Packet (#2650) PDF X
CPA & Her Role @ Camp (#2651) PDF X
CPA Application (#2652) PDF Word Doc
JC Application (#2666) PDF Word Doc
JC Reference Check (#2667) PDF Word Doc
JC & Her Role @ Camp (#2648) PDF X



Still can’t find the form or document you were looking for? Please contact our communications team at to have the form emailed to you directly, and we’ll look at adding it to our forms section on the website.


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