gs bronze, silver & gold awards

The Girl Scout Bronze, Silver, and Gold awards are the highest leadership awards a girl may earn.  The award process is a leadership adventure and along the way you will plan and complete a project, develop more confidence, meet new people, and have the kind of fun that happens when you work with others to make a difference.

The Girl Scout Bronze Award – the highest award for Girl Scout Juniors

The Girl Scout Silver Award – the highest award for Girl Scout Cadettes

The Girl Scout Gold Award – the highest award for Girl Scout Seniors and Ambassadors

Girl Scout Gold Award Project Proposal (Form #2766)


As many of you are aware the Girl Scouts of Virginia Skyline Council handles the Bronze/ Silver and Gold Awards with Certificates and pins for the completion of each for the Girls.
As of October 1,2014 the following will occur with the Silver Awards:
Silver Awards will receive a certificate for each girl completion, along with a Silver Award patch. The patch will take place of the Silver Award pin that was given to each girl from Girl Scouts of Virginia Skyline council. The girl can still receive the pin, however the pin must now be purchased in the skyline shop by the leader/advisor or parent once the approval has been given and notification to girl has been received.
Bronze Awards will stay the same as leader/advisor or parent must purchase the pin in the Skyline Shop. Certificates are only mailed by GSVSC to the Girl who completed the Award.
Gold Awards will stay the same with the Girl who completes the Gold Award will receive two congratulatory letters from GSVSC along with the Gold Award pin and GSUSA certificate.
If you have any questions about the new changes, please contact Star Mays, Program Services Specialist, at 540-777-5102 or


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