Fall Product Sale 2015

4 Main Patches_webSale Time: September 19-December 1
Theme: Reach New Heights…
Important Dates
September 19: order-taking starts
October 3: 1st order deadline
October 20-23: 1st order delivery
November 1: reorder deadline
November 12-13: reorder delivery
December 1: sale ends


Our Fall Product Sale order-taking starts on September 19. Don’t miss out! Need help finding a Girl Scout to take your order? Call 540-777-5105 or 540-777-5115 or email us at fallproductsale@gsvsc.org. Jump directly to the nut & chocolate selections – click here!


online ordering buttonDid You Know…
 ONLINE SALES! Order, pay & ship all items online! Now 3 ways to sell: door-to-door, booth sales & online!
online magazine & photo keepsakes.
3 new items on order cards: Honey Mustard Pretzel Mix, Dark Chocolate Caramel Caps & Butter Toasted Peanuts.
25 nut/candy/chocolate items available to order online.
ALL items/products offered via online sales.
Design a “MyCreation” giraffe at your online shop site.


How to Sell Online
Simply follow these steps to get started.
1. To register, go to: girlscouts.qspgao.com/vaskyline
2. Set your goals.
3. Create a personalized Welcome Page.
4. Personalize & send emails to family & friends. You can share on social media too.
5. Wait for the orders to start rolling in; log back in to frequently check your progress.
6. At the sale’s end, print the Girl’s Online Sales Report that is emailed and share it with the adult in charge of your troop’s sale for credit.

Email Image & Callout.jpg

+ $1 per nut/candy item
(OR $1.05 for older girl troops that prefer to OPT OUT of the incentives)
+ 15% of total magazine & photo keepsake orders
+ free Keepsake Digital Photo Book to each troop that has 1 online order


All rewards are cumulative, giving you an opportunity to earn each item as you reach your goals:
create your own virtual shop & send 12 emails = “online” patch
2+ magazine/photo keepsake orders 
= “Be Spotacular” patch
4+ magazine items
= Nail Art Pens
5+ donated-to-military orders 
= “share 2015-2016” patch
12+ items = “Reach New Heights” theme patch
25+ items = theme patch +  “2015-2016” year patch
50+ items = 2 patches + “goal achiever” patch + Sneaker Key Ring OR Tie Dye Bracelet
70+ items = 3 patches +  Giraffe Plush OR Desk Set
100+ items = patches + 100 Club” patch + Rhinestone Headphones
Overall Highest Seller = scholarship to GSVSC summer camp or event of your choice


Rewards = 2015 Fall Product Sale


Who can sell? All Girl Scouts! Daisies to Ambassadors – girls in troops to individually registered girls! If you wish to sell as an individual Girl Scout to save up for a big endeavor like a trip, summer camp, program event or service project, then use this information letter & permission slip.


What Can a Girl Do Online Activity Portal
Spread the Word Business Cards
Goal Poster
Safety Tips + Selling Tips
Theme Clipart
Giraffe Trivia Questions
The Making of English Butter Toffee (YouTube video)
The Life of a Cashew (YouTube video)


Parent Permission Letter
Basic Sale Information (dates, recognitions, products)


Basic Sale Information (dates, recognitions, products)
QSP Online Program How-To Guide
Rally Guide 2015 (guide to fun kick-off event for girls)
Fall Product Sale 2015 Troop Manager Manual
GS105 – Orientation for Troop Product Sale Managers
Fall Product Sale Troop Manager Evaluation
Fall Product Sale ONLINE EVALUATION – Click Here!
Ordering Website: account login and password required.
Girl Scout Labeling and Nutrition Frequently Asked Questions
Where the “Thank-You” military donation nuts go: http://wecaremarines.com/


Basic Sale Info for GS Communities (dates, recognitions, products)
Rally Guide 2015 (guide to fun kick-off event for troops)
GS Community Fall Product Sale Facilitator Manual
Fall Product Sale Training – Community Facilitators
GS Community Product Sale Facilitator Evaluation
Fall Product Sale ONLINE EVALUATION – Click Here!


Arlene Wilhelm, Product Sales Manager
540-777-5105 or 1-800-542-5905, ext 105


Nuts, Chocolates & Candies!
(15 items offered on order form; 25 items offered on online)
View nutritional information


GSToteTin (578x640) NEW!
Mint Treasures in Girl Scouts Tote Tin
Creamy milk chocolate with a refreshing mint-filled center.
Buttery Toasted Peanuts NEW!
Butter Toasted Peanuts
Lightly toasted peanuts with a buttery flavor.
Dark Chocolate Caramel Caps with Sea Salt NEW!
Dark Chocolate Caps with Sea Salt
Dark chocolate covered caramel topped with sea salts.
Honey Mustard Pretzel Mix NEW!
Honey Mustard Pretzel Mix
Honey roasted cashews and almonds with honey mustard pretzel pieces.
AlmCranOranCrunch Almond Cran-Orange Crunch
Almonds & cranberries coated in a delicate orange confection.
Dulce De Leche Owls Dulce De Leche Owls
Owl-shaped chocolate candies filled with creamy dulce de leche (caramel).
Dark Chocolate Mint Penguins
Penguin-shaped treats made of dark chocolate and white confection filled with a cool mint center.
Whole Cashews w/Sea Salt
A classic favorite roasted and salted to perfection.
2015SnowmanTin (640x601) Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzels in Vintage Snowman Tin
Sweet and salty chocolate covered pretzels in a vintage snowman tin.
Chocolate Covered Raisins
The plumpest raisins covered in smooth milk chocolate.
Cranberry Nut Mix
A tasty mix of peanuts, raisins, cranberries, cashews, banana chips, almonds and walnuts!
Deluxe Pecan Clusters
Caramel and roasted pecan centers covered in milk chocolate!
Gummi Berries Gummi Berries
These fat-free gummi candies are bursting in five fruit flavors.
Peanut Butter Bears
Milk chocolate bears with creamy peanut butter centers.
Salsa Mix
A crunchy snack mix with peanuts, salsa corn sticks, toasted corn, soy noodles, almonds and pepitas.
Honey Roasted Peanuts (for donations only)
“Care to Share” Service Project
This purchase will be shipped overseas to our servicemen & servicewomen as a council-wide service project.

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