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  • Congrats to Patrick Springs Troop 141 = Bronze/Gold Awards + VFW Scout of the Year Award!

    Girl Scouts of Troop #141 in Patrick Springs had a recognition service on Sunday, April 24, 2016, in the fellowship hall at Providence United Methodist Church. The troop recognized Callie C., Emily N. and Jalyssa W. for earning their Bronze Awards as Juniors. They also then flew up to become Cadette Girl Scouts.

    Then the troop recognized their Ambassador Girl Scout members Sydnee B., Katherine M., and Kaelyn T. for earning their Gold Awards. These girls were also recognized for their recognition given them from the local VFW Scout of the Year awards.

    All the girls were given badges and patches they have earned this year from their troop leader Melanie Nelson. They also received patches or pins from their award adviser Cathy Natoli.

    Then Polly Greer showed the girls and explained to them about friendship knots sent to her from Girl Scouts around the country. These are a way for scouts to share the friendships they make with other Girl Scouts. Finally the girls and their guests then enjoyed pizza and ice cream sundaes to celebrate the great year this Girl Scout troop has had.

  • Amherst Troop 661 Treated to Girl Scout Stories by 1950s Alumnae Susan Holton

    At their February troop meeting, Troop 661 welcomed Girl Scout Alumnae Susan Karst Holton as the guest speaker. Mrs. Holton is the troop leader's mother and Grandmother to one of the Brownies. Mrs. Holton told about her experience as a Girl Scout in the 1950s and 1960s when her mother was a troop leader. She later became her mother's co-leader while her younger sister was a Girl Scout.

    Some of the activities they did included a trip in 1962 to Savannah to the Juliette Low House. She showed a photo with their troop listening to Daisy Lawrence, Juliette Low's niece and the first scout to receive her 50 year pin! She told the story of a service project they performed where they went into the neighborhood school to help with giving out the polio vaccine. The Girl Scouts warmed the frozen polio vaccine bottles by rubbing them in their hands so the frozen vaccines could defrost and be added a drop at a time onto sugar cubes to distribute the vaccine to the school kids.

    Mrs. Holton led a variety of troops in Oklahoma, Louisiana, Florida, and in Amherst, Virginia. She brought in memorabilia including old Girl Scout songbooks, newspaper clippings, photographs, hand embroidered placemats, and badge books. She had a troop roster from her mother’s troop, a program from the Girl Scout Birthplace, and many patches from around 1980-1982. Best of all, she brought her old Girl Scout uniform from the late 1960s and a Junior uniform and vest (complete with patches) from the 198...

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