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Volunteer Resources

Welcome to the Council Volunteer Resources page!
Here you will find all that you need to prepare and facilitate your council volunteer opportunities. We have resources for trainers, delegates, troop leaders, service units, camp directors, and those involved with Adventurers. 

Thank you for volunteering with Girl Scouts of Virginia Skyline!

Council Trainers

Welcome to Council Trainer Resources! 

Here you will find all that you need to prepare and facilitate your council training sessions, and stay abreast of important dates for Spring Trainer Meetings, Annual Conference of Trainers, and Training for Trainers!

Online Forms for Trainers:
GS103 Training Kit
Advancement Request
Training Publicity Request
Council Trainer Procedures

Be sure to post your "Best Practices" training tips to share with other council trainers right here! Got a tip or trick that you would like to share? Please email it to Jodi and she'll start a list here to share.


Spring Trainer Meetings

2018 Spring Trainer Meetings dates will be shared in The Girl Scout Connection e-newsletter in February 2018.


Training for Trainers

The 2017 Training for Trainers has past. The 2018 weekend date will be shared in the spring of 2018. 


Annual Conference of Trainers (ACT)

September 9, 2017
Saturday, 10 AM - 5 PM
Icimani Adventure Center, Roanoke
Register here on eBiz

What is Annual Conference of Trainers?
ACT is a time to provide procedures, updates, and workshops for continued education for new and experienced council trainers to help fine tune training skills and knowledge.

What do we expect to accomplish at ACT?

  • Welcome and on-board new trainers
  • Provide GSVSC council procedures (updates) for council trainers
  • Discuss what's new for online & in-person trainings
  • Workshops!
  • Assess training teams & delivery of council trainings – are we providing a consistent message?
  • Discuss Recruitment, Progression & Succession of council trainers
  • Set council trainer goals (Personal & Team Goals)
  • Set dates for Spring Trainers Meetings – bring your calendar!
  • Elect council delegates
  • Show appreciation for your time
  • Have fun!

Do I have to attend ACT every year?
No, currently council trainers are required to attend ACT every other year. However, we are asking every council trainer to attend ACT 2017, if possible. We have lots to share in regards to what is new with online and in-person trainings. To help us prepare for ACT and keep records of your progression as a trainer, we ask that you register for ACT in eBiz.



Jodi Brodkin
Volunteer Services Director

Invite-a-Friend to Train!
As a council trainer, you are aware there is always a need for more trainers. So, help spread the word by inviting other committed Girl Scout volunteers to join us. You know what fun the trainers have when they get together! So, spread the word by reading the following, and email to volunteers you'd recommend becoming trainers.

Council Trainers Needed!
Have you enjoyed a Girl Scout training you attended? Could you see yourself helping new leaders? We are in need of more volunteer council trainers, especially for Outdoor Education, GS 102 & GS 103, Event Planning, and Bronze, Silver, and Gold workshops. As a volunteer organization, we are always in need of trainers to help provide the most accurate information to our leaders, volunteers and older girls. If you love Girl Scouting, this is a great way to volunteer. Trainers are needed in all areas of the Council (especially more rural areas) to bring training closer to each Girl Scout Community.

Trainers are adults who:

  • Work effectively with other adults and/or older girls
  • Serve as role models for adult volunteers
  • Are dedicated to and support the principles of Girl Scouting
  • Like a flexible Girl Scout commitment
  • Are responsible, dependable and follow through on their commitment
Troop Co-Leaders

Welcome to Troop Co-Leader Resources! 

Here you will find all that you need to prepare and facilitate leading your troop.

Online Forms for Troop Co-Leaders
Girl Scout Troop Notebook
Volunteer Essentials
Troop Leader or Assistant Leader Position Description (#1603)
GS Bank Account Application (#4319)
Troop Candy & Nut Sale Manager (#1644)
Parent Permission Fall Product Sale 2017
Troop Cookie Sales Manager (#1638)
Activity/Trip Permission (#2129)
Volunteer Application
Incident Report (#1089)
How Can I Help Your Troop (#4133)
Troop Donation Record (#1215)
Troop Bank Record (#4041)

Multi-Level Resources
Cadette Outdoor Journey (PDF)
Senior Outdoor Journey (PDF)
Ambassador Outdoor Journey (PDF)

Guides for the First Six Meetings of Your Girl Scout Troop
Daisy Troop First Six Meetings
Brownie Troop First Six Meetings
Junior Troop First Six Meetings

New Badge Charts & Award Logs
Daisies: Log | Chart
Brownies: Log | Chart
Juniors: Log | Chart
Cadettes: Log | Chart
Seniors: Log | Chart
Ambassadors: Log | Chart

Check out our newest STEM and Outdoor Journeys and badges!
View the PDF version here!

Check Out These Volunteer Vidoes!
Controlling the Room: 
Tips for troop co-leaders on the best way to get the attention of the girls in their troop.
Leader-Daughter Dynamic: Tips for how to manage when troop co-leaders have their daughter in their troop.
Parent Meeting:Tips for engaging parents in troop meetings and activities.
Positive Troop Environment: Tips for creating and maintaining a sage and positive troop environment.
Start-up Activities: Examples of successful activities for the girls to do at the beginning of the troop meeting.
Troop Safety: Tips for troop co-leaders to ensure they are following safety guidelines with their troop.
Welcoming New Girls: Tips for troop co-leaders to ensure new girls feel welcome as a new troop member.

Service Units

Service Unit Roundtables

Monthly presentations of the latest & greatest Girl Scout information. 

January 24, 2019: Playdeck (Google Drive)
November 29, 2018: Webinar Recording & Playdeck (PDF)

Camp Directors

Welcome to Council Camp Director Resources! 

Submit your summer camp information here. Info is due by Friday, January 19. 

Here you will find all that you need to prepare and facilitate your council camp directorship.

Materials/Resources/Forms for Summer Camps:
Information Needed on Vehicles and Drivers (#2265)
Camp Site Information and Summer Camp Medical Emergency Plan (#2138)
Incident Report (#1089)
Camp Attendance Report (#2158)
Camp Consignment Order (#1064c)
Volunteer Led Camp Financial Report (#2421)
Camper Early Release Sign-Out (#2636)
Daily Camp Attendance Record (#2157)
Program Center Use Report (#2111)
Unit Staff Report of Session (#2416)
Camp Director's Report (#2414)
Inventory of Summer Camp Equipment (#2089)
Position Description- Camp Pathway Facilitator (#1721)
Camp Staff Evaluation (#2415)
Camper Evaluation (#2137)
CIT Application (#2630)
Camp Program Assistant Application (#2652)
CIT II Application (#2666)
Camp Directors Manual 2017
2017 Site Inspection Form

Summer Camps Marketing Materials
Below are the three pieces we offer to personalize for your summer camp marketing needs:

> camp flyer (8.5x11, 2-sided sheet)
> camp packet (booklet style, 11x17 folded, 2-sided, 8 pages)
> camp bookmark (can use for 2017 or a save the date to give your campers for 2018)

These pieces are black&white on color paper if used with our current Girl Scout members OR full-color if used to promote to the greater public like school flyerings and festival displays. 

To order, contact our marketing team at

Please include the following information with your order:
1. Camp Name
2. Material(s) Requesting
3. Date Needed By
4. Total Quantity
5. Paper Color (nternal marketing) or Full Color (external marketing)
6. Email PDF for own printing OR Mail to Address OR Pickup/Delivery Info

Program Collaborators

More information coming soon!