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Membership Marketing

Girl Scout Membership Marketing in Your Local Community
PR items for school flyering, back-to-school nites, info meetings & festivals/fairs! To order printed materials, scroll down to the order form link highlighted in yellow. The printing/production department is open only three days a week: Mondays & Wednesdays, 9am - 5pm, and Tuesdays, 9am - 1pm. PLEASE PLAN AHEAD SO WE CAN MEET YOUR PRINTING NEEDS. For last minute needs, download the "EDITABLE" flyers and personalize/print them yourself.

Girl Scout Membership Marketing Flyers

Girl Scout Open House: "I can't wait to" Campaign
Other School Flyers: "I can't wait to" Campaign
Girl Scout Posters: "I can't wait to" Campaign
Theme Flyers
  • GS Princess Party Flyer
    (full-page, b&w, brite pink paper)
  • GS Princess Party Recruitment Outline Guide
  • GS Tea Party Flyer
    (half-page, 2-up, color front/b&w back)
  • GS Spa Event Flyer
    (half-page, 2-up, color front/b&w back)
  • GS Teddy Bear Picnic Flyer
    (half-page, 2-up, color front/b&w back)
  • GS Dance Flyer
    (half-page, 2-up, color front/b&w back)
  • Halloween Costume Party Flyer
    (half-page, 2-up, color front/b&w back)
Membership Marketing Essentials
PR Items & Giveaways
GS Signs

To order, please use this order form.

* Spanish materials: a limited selection is available upon request; contact for more info. NO COST for printing & postage.

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