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Fall Product Program 2019

Tue Sep 24, 12:00 AM - Mon Dec 02, 11:45 PM EST
Product Sales
Ambassador, Cadette, Brownie, Daisy, Junior, Senior

Sale Time: September 24 – December 2
Theme: Leap Ahead, Create Your Path

Is your Girl Scout troop interested in a money-earning activity that’s easy, provides start up funds right away, and offers customers a variety of delicious yet inexpensive items to purchase?

The council’s Fall Product Program of selling nuts, candies, magazines, and other items begins September 24. Ashdon Farms/QSP, the licensed Girl Scout vendor, has even prepared a lot of fun activities for Girl Scouts of all ages to enjoy with interactive activities for the girls to use while participating in the Fall Product Program.

Girls earn start-up money for their troop and earn cool patches and other recognitions too! The Fall Product Program differs from the cookie program in that all orders are pre-paid, and there are no booth sales. The troop receives $1 profit of each nut and candy item sold; and 15% of total magazine and gift items sold. Orders may be taken from September 24-October 28. Troops receive orders between November 20-22 to then delivery to their customers. Since the money is pre-collected, the troop receives their proceeds immediately. Recognitions are delivered in December and January. 

The program is for all grade-levels (Daisies-Ambassadors), but participation in the Fall Product Program is entirely voluntary. Participating in a council-sponsored product program teaches essential skills including goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics.

Need help with anything? Please just give us a shout: 540-777-5100 or

More specifics can be found on our Fall Product Program's webpage.