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Cookie Sale Service Unit

The 2018 cookie season is over! We hope you enjoyed your sweet treats! The 2019 cookie season will begin January 1, 2019. 
Stay tuned for updates!

For Cookie Service Units

Welcome Service Unit Cookie Team!
Thanks to our Girl Scout service units the cookie sale runs smoothly for girls and their troops. You play a big supporting role in the largest girl-led business in the world! A troop receives 65 cents to 70 cents/box of cookies sold. Direct proceeds to troops in Virginia Skyline Council totaled $494,000 last year! Thanks for all your hard work & dedication.

Jan. 1: Cookie Sale begins!
Jan. 15-20: cookie delivery week
Feb. 23-25: National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend
Mar. 31: Cookie Sale ends
May 5: String of Pearls Reception

The Essentials: Plan Books, Forms, Videos & Websites
PR Cookies

PR Cookies
This year we received over 600 boxes of cookies to use in our PR efforts — thank-you's to delivery station hosts, local media pitches, big community collaborators, etc. We ordered lots of Thin Mints and have fair amounts of Carmel deLites, Shortbreads, Lemonades, PB Patties, PB Sandwiches and the new S'mores Girl Scout Cookie. Also free PR bags and cookie sale flyers are available as well. If you have a specific PR cookies request, please contact us.

Cookie Sale Media Materials

Media Releases/PSAs
Cookie Sale Media Release
Cookie Sale 2018 Fact Sheet
Cookie Booth Sale Announcement
Radio PSAs

(direct your local TV station to these broadcast public service ads)
Amazing Experiences for Girls: Powered by the Girl Scout Cookie Program (30-seconds)
Power Amazing Experiences for Girls With Your Next Cookie Purchase (15-seconds)

Other Cookie Sale Media Materials
GS Cookie Sale Facts Sheet 2018
GSVSC 55th Anniversary Logo
Cookie Sale Program Research
Girl Scout Cookie History Timeline
Girl Scout Cookie Trivia Cards
Girl Scout Cookie Sale Graphics

Media Stars Patch Program – FREE!
Did you or your troop make the local news on TV, in the newspaper or on the radio? Then let us know by sending us a link to the article (or paper version in the mail) or link to the TV or radio stations website: and in return we'll send you free patches in celebration of your great media accomplishment!

Cookie Rally/Kick-Off Patch Program

Cookie Sale Rally Guide
It’s a celebration! This year, Girl Scouts of Virginia Skyline Council celebrates its 55th anniversary. Kick-off your cookie sale season with a Cookie Rally. This activity-packed party combines learning and fun to kick-off the cookie season the right way. We’ve pulled out all the stops to put together a kick-off that helps girls build skills, set goals and drive sales.

This can be done within your troop or service unit. Follow the Rally Guide to set-up your activities. Your rally does not have to include all of the activities in this guide, but should include some fun stuff, especially incorporating the 55th anniversary logo here and there.

  • Attend as a girl & earn a patch.
  • Attend as a troop (5 girls or more with 80% attendance) & receive choice of $25 Disney Dollars or $25 Council Dollars.
  • Attend as a troop (5 girls or more with 60% attendance) & receive choice of $10 Disney Dollars or $10 Council Dollars.

The Cookie Rally event organizer should submit entries with photo (show reference to 55th anniversary logo), girl names & troop number for patches, and troop info with number attending and contacts for the troop dollars by February 28, 2018 to