GEMS for G.I.R.L.s Survival Camp for Cadettes, Seniors & Ambassadors

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Join Girl Scouts of Virginia Skyline Council and Girls Empowered by Mountain Shepherd School for GEMS for G.I.R.L.s, a specialized set of camping experiences for Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors which includes completing their Outdoor Journeys.

GSVSC and Mountain Shepherd School's GEMS for G.I.R.L.s camping experiences are comprised of four weekend camps and one week-long summer camp throughout the year. Girls are encouraged to attend the weekend camps as well as the week-long camp in order to earn a piece-by-piece patch to show their motivation and completion of the entire program. 

Based on a combination of the Girls Empowered by Mountain Shepherd School (GEMS) and Girl Scouts programs, this exceptional set of survival experiences has been specially prepared for Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors. With the weekend camps, girls will immerse themselves in activities that speak to the four Girl Scout Program Pillars: Outdoor Skills, Life Skills, Entrepreneurship, and STEM. During the overnight summer camp, girls will learn and practice wilderness survival skills, many of which will be useful tools in their day-to-day life, all while simultaneously completing their Outdoor Journey. All activities are "challenge by choice," meaning girls set the boundaries for their participation while pushing the boundaries of their comfort zone.

During the four GEMS for G.I.R.L.s weekend camps, Girl Scouts will explore the four Girl Scout Program Pillars: Outdoor Skills, Life Skills, Entrepreneurship, and STEM. Each weekend camp will focus on one of the pillars, which will expand any girl's knowledge of and passion for each pillar, and show her how she can implement them into her every day growth and well being.

During the GEMS for G.I.R.L.s summer camp, Girl Scouts will use the seven GEMS program elements: positive mental attitude, first aid, shelter, fire-craft, signaling, water, and food to complete their Outdoor Journey. This week-long camp will teach girls aspects of wilderness survival which they will be able to apply to true-life survival, such as how to work with the resources available to you, and how to stay motivated despite adversity.

October 5–7, 2018: Cadette Weekend Camp #1
(Good Sportsmanship & Finding Common Ground badges)

February 15–17, 2019: Cadette Weekend Camp #2
(Trees & Eco Trekker badges)

April 12–14, 2019: Cadette Weekend Camp #3 (Canceled)
(Eating for You & Public Speaker badges)

May 17–19, 2019: Cadette Weekend Camp #4 (Canceled)
(Financing My Dreams & Entrepreneur badges)

July 7-12, 2019: Cadette Week Summer Camp
(First Aid badge & Outdoor Journey: Night Owl, Trailblazing & Primitive Camper badges)

October 19-21, 2018: Senior Weekend Camp #1
(Social Innovator & Voices of Animals badges)

November 2-4, 2018: Ambassador Weekend Camp #1
(Coaching badge)

March 1-3, 2019: Senior & Ambassdor Weekend Camp
(Courage: STEM)
- Seniors: Sky & Eco Explorer badges
- Ambassadors: Eco Advocate badge

May 3-5, 2019: Senior & Ambassdor Weekend Camp (Canceled)
(Character: Life Skills)
- Seniors: Locavore & Women's Health badges
- Ambassadors: First Aid badge

June 14-16, 2019: Senior & Ambassdor Weekend Camp (Canceled)
(Confidence: Entrepreneurship)
- Seniors: Buying Power & Business Etiquette badges
- Ambassadors: On My Own badge

July 14-19, 2019 Senior & Ambassador Summer Camp
- Outdoor Journey (Outdoor Art Master, Water & Survival Camper badges)
- Seniors: Paddling Badge
- Ambassadors: Ultimate Rec Challenge badge

Need-based financial assistance is available for campers that qualify. To request financial assistance for a weekend camp, please complete this GEMS for G.I.R.L.s Weekend Camp Financial Assistance Application and for summer camps, please complete this GEMS for G.I.R.L.s Summer Camp Financial Assistance Application. If you are approved, you will receive an approval email with your discount code. Wait for this code BEFORE registering for any camps. 

Join GSVSC and Mountain Shepherd for this incredible wilderness journey experience! Register now to take advantage of this inaugural opportunity.  GEMS for G.I.R.L.s is a partnership of Girls Empowered by Mountain Shepherd School and Girl Scouts of Virginia Skyline Council. For more information about Mountain Shepherd Wilderness Survival School visit their website at