cookie pr with pizzazz

Bring more pizzazz to your cookie sale PR! Here are some great tools to help you get the word out about the Girl Scout Cookie Program, gain the most from the experience, and make this season the best one yet.

PR Cookies Available
This year we received over 800 boxes of cookies to use in our PR efforts — thank-you’s to delivery station hosts, local media pitches, big community collaborators, etc. We ordered lots of the two new cookies (Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Shortbread & Cranberry Citrus Crisps), Thin Mints, Thanks-A-Lots and Lemonades. We have small amounts of the other cookie varieties. Also free PR bags, cookie sale pins and cookie sale balloons are available as well. Samplers are not being offered this year. PR cookies will be delivered to you by field staff at your service unit/GS community meetings. If you have a specific PR cookies request, please contact your field staff member who will attend your next meeting.


PR Supplies to Purchase for Your Cookie Sale
It’s back again for another year with 2 additional order dates (November & December 2013 and January & February 2014)! Low-cost cookie sale PR items to purchase and use to market your troop’s cookie sale. We are DONE with orders for this year. Our last order was on February 14, 2014. Check-out this Cookie Sale 2014 PR Supplies flyer for more details (Orders are not being accepted at this time). Stay tuned for November 2014 when we’ll resume this purchase program. Sorry we are unable to take out-of-council orders. 


NEW THIS YEAR: Bling Your Booth Sale Contest
A booth sale contest for troops is new this year! Get ideas on how to “bling” your booth and then snap a photo to enter our contest. Click here to learn more.


Free Cookie Sale Marketing/PR Items
Click the item below to access incredible marketing. To download from the Flickr site: right-click your mouse over the image and you’ll be offered a variety of sizes and resolutions. After you choose what you want – then you’ll be able to download from there.


Door knob hangers - one for younger Girl Scouts and one for teen GS.


Facebook Cover Photos – for the World’s Coolest Cookie Moms


It’s Cookie Time! Logos


Cookie Sale Theme Logos, Words & Phrases


Cool Cookie Characters – cute, sweet & silly cartoon characters


Cookies & Cookie Box Clipart – great variety of boxes, cookies, box artwork


Scout Shout-Outs! - look here for fun, trendy ways to communicate about your cookie sale! Girls, families, and volunteers will love using ABC’s Scout Shouts during their cookie sale through social media channels, email, booth sales, eCards, and just about any creative way to help boost cookie sales!


Artsy Clipart – fun artwork to accent your sales flyers, posters and cards; includes this year’s cookie theme.


Girl Photography – Girl Scouts & cookie sales photographs


Booth Sale Marketing Items – name tags, goal charts, team business cards, display banners, booth promotion, directional signs, tablecloths, stencils, thank you cards, cookie cause poster, receipts and out-of-stock cards.


Recipes to Use with Cookies – sweet treats – Chocolate Thin Mints Pizza Supreme, Shortbread Cream Soup, Fudgy Peanut Butter Balls, Lemonades Yogurt Parfait - check out  these awesome cookie recipes and more!


Fun Facts About the Cookie Sale – check out these tasty tidbits!



Need something else that you don’t see here?
Contact the GSVSC Marketing & Communications Team and we’ll try to help you out:


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